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Really Rubbish Racing main page logo.png
Really Rubbish Racing: "Ex Lucis Viridis ad Vexillum Caeruleum" - From the Green Lights, to the Blue Flag. We race for fun because we're not very good.
OSCAR Round 1
Founded in June 2011, Really Rubbish Racing is a collection sim racers running the gambit from worrying awful to not too bad. We like nothing more than living our motorsport dreams through a tellybox.

We enjoy fun, light hearted racing with a proper championship-style structure, things you don't often find in more serious clubs or in public multiplayer lobbies. For the past 3 years we have been exclusively an Xbox 360 console club, focusing mainly on the Forza Motorsport series, first Forza Motorsport 3 and later Forza Motorsport 4, as well as ventures into other games such as the Codemasters F1 series and Race Driver: Grid. However...

For 2014, with Forza Motorsport 4 reaching the end of its life and new and more interesting game options coming along such as Gran Turismo 6 and various PC racing sims, decisions have been made to make the best use of these fresh titles.

All you could possibly want to know about the club can be found in the various links to the left and below, including our past seasons, which have included everything from Touring Cars, GT Endurance Races and 80's Retro Classics to Demolition Derbies, Oval Racing and full length Grands Prix, and lots more besides.

If you like what you see and fancy joining up, click the Members Forum link below. If you'd still like to learn more about the club, visit our social media pages.

Really Rubbish Racing Members Forum Twitter Facebook YouTube RlyR Shop

Next Race
Formula R Festival.png
Formula R Festival
Formula R Festival of Brands Hatch
Formula R Festival Brands Hatch.jpg
Date Sunday, 12th January 2014
Previous Race
Third Day of Crashmas.png
Third Day of Crashmas
Round 6 of 6
Won By Scotland Campbell Wallis, Japan Kaibutsu Racing
Current Season
Formula R Festival.png
Formula R Festival
Sunday 12th January 2014 -
Sunday 2nd February 2014
Next Special Event
GEARS event logo.png
GEARS Whitebread 1x2 Hours of Sunset
Thursday 16th January 2014
Previous 5 Seasons
Lotus Exige World Cup series logo.png
Lotus Exige World Cup
Champion: United Kingdom Adam Smith
NASCARRR Stock X series logo.png
Champion: United Kingdom Jamie Hunt
NASCARRR XS Runoff series logo.png
Champion: England Liam Blair
SECS series logo.png
SEAT European Cup Series
Champion: United Kingdom Adam Smith
FART series logo.png
Five-Hundred Abarth Racing Trophy
Champion: United Kingdom Tom Bellingham
Previous 5 Special Events
Third Day of Crashmas.png
Third Day of Crashmas
Champion: Scotland Campbell Wallis
GEARS event logo.png
GEARS Alpine 2 Hours
Winner: United Kingdom Sam Hirani
Canon Mega GT 200
Champion: United Kingdom Sam Hirani
GEARS event logo.png
GEARS Grand Prix of New England
Winner: United Kingdom Sam Hirani
NASCARRR History event logo.png
History of NASCARRR
Champion: United Kingdom Jamie Hunt