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Stock Car Extreme, formerly known as Game Stock Car Extreme is a simulation racing game made by Reiza for the PC. Realish Racing members began playing this game in late 2015 alongside due upcoming conclusion of Race 07 usage in 2016.


Originally featuring mostly Brazilian content, the game has since evolved to offer a more varied stock content selection, with modern and historic representations of famous circuits like Suzuka, Red Bull Ring and Montreal available alongside a multitude of Formula 1-style cars from different eras as well as, for example, a V8 Supercar-inspired vehicle.

Developed by Reiza Studios with support from real teams and drivers, the Game Stock Car series is one of the most highly regarded simracing platforms currently in the market. In addition to the current season of Stock Car Brasil featuring world class drivers such as Rubens Barrichello and Ricardo Zonta, the game simulates a diverse range of racing series – from karting to a variety of formula cars, to the popular Mini Challenge.

Game Stock Extreme is a series of free updates bringing a variety of new content, features and general improvements to the latest release in the series, Game Stock Car 2013 (not to be confused with the original Game Stock Car and its own free expansion, Game Stock Car 2012).

Besides being the official Stock Car Brasil simulator, the series has gradually evolved into a diverse racing simulator covering a variety of different racing disciplines. With Game Stock Car Extreme the series stablishes itself even further as one of the most complete, diverse and realistic sim racing titles on the PC platform.

— Reiza Studios Website

Following a successfull crowdfunding campaign in mid-2015, the game will continue to receive free updates, including, but not limited to yet another F1-style (V10 era) car, multiple touring cars, both a community-chosen car and track as well as two entirely new disciplines, Rallycross and SuperTrucks.

Meanwhile, development for a successor has started, but the new game isn't expected to hit beta state until late 2016.


Best Practices

Apart from the in-game configuration, it is recommended to apply two fixes to the ".PLR" file inside the game's install directory (/Steam/SteamApps/common/Stock Car Extreme/UserData/UserName/UserName.PLR) to allow for both a proper view back using both a shortcut and virtual rear view mirrors:

Virtual Rearview In Cockpit="1"
Self In Cockpit Rearview="0"

Livery Handling

Unlike Race 07, Stock Car Extreme does not allow for per-client livery usage in multiplayer sessions. Instead, it requires all participating parties - including the server - to install all liveries that drivers intend to use. Said liveries are to be placed inside the chosen car's folder at /Steam/SteamApps/common/Stock Car Extreme/GameData/Vehicles. Liveries usually consist of ".DDS" image files for various parts of the car and a descriptive ".VEH" file.


Shadow Problems

For some players, the game seems to encounter a problem seemingly exclusive to nVidia graphic cards: After a few laps of racing, shadows start to bug out, displaying triangles or other obscure shapes instead of what the lighting conditions would normally produce. To counter this effect, there are three possible solutions to try:

  • Players can try to start the game with the "-fullproc" parameter by adding -fullproc to the game's settings in Steam. This will have an impact on the game's performance, though.
  • Players can try to limit the FPS count, for example keeping it at 100 rather than 300+ due to a overwhelming hardware configuration: Max Framerate="100"
  • Players can try to change the shader level in the game's configuration tool (Config.exe) from DX9/AUto to Auto/DX9.
  • Players can try to run SweetFX [1], a post-processing plugin that sometimes solves the issue.

FPS Issues

When racing at night, the game might encounter a drop in FPS rates - to battle this, player's can edit a setting inside the game's PLR file (see above), thus reducing the number of rendered headlights:

Max Headlights="10"