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Driver image.jpg
Steam ShaX
Nationality Germany German
Car number 10
Team(s) Italy Scuderia Uccello
Germany aureus motorsport
Japan Kaibutsu Racing
Race Starts 88
Championships Won 0
Special Events Won 1
Race Wins 5
Podiums 20
Pole Positions 4
Fastest Laps 5

Shaxberd is a sim racing driver and founder of Aureus motorsport, participating mainly in events at Realish Racing

Simracing History

Humble Beginnings, Hiatus & Starting over again

Born in Cologne and grown up even closer to the motorsport-laden city of Kerpen, a certain attraction to fast cars was pretty much inevitable for the young German. Following various series on a big, fat CRT television during the mid/late 90s, the list of installed video games on the family PC turned out to be quite predictable - various Need for Speed titles, freeware games and Eidos' Formula One Racing '99 were found right next to each other.

Oddly enough, the mid/late 2000s saw Shaxberd's interest both in actual and virtual racing collapsing almost entirely and it wasn't until the release (and then some waiting for the subsequent price reduction) of Colin McRae's Dirt 2 that the passion was revived. This time, however, it was the virtual motorsport igniting interest in actual series and events. With Dirt done and dusted (Hah!), Grid was the next logical step, along with Need for Speed's Shift detour to the Simcade side of things.

Speaking of which - after a while, Simcade games didn't quite cut it anymore and in 2013-ish, the journey into the simracing world was about to begin, featuring early pCARS builds, Reiza's Game Stock Car 2012 and the almighty Race 07 series, the latter one soon becoming his preferred choice for racing endeavours at both the Racing Club and Realish Racing, where he joined in for the 2015 PC-4 V8 Australicars season. Nowadays, the Simbin classic has been joined by new-gen racers like Stock Car Extreme, Assetto Corsa, R3E and the now-released-but-still-pretty-unfinished pCARS, creating a vast library of tracks and cars.

RaceDepartment Career

As indicating above, Shaxberd's multiplayer career in simracing started off at RaceDepartment's Race 07 Racing Club, which offered a multitude of events per week. Cycling through various cars and tracks, both stock and modded content, he managed to gain speed fairly soon, getting in competitive results fairly often. During the Summer of 2014, some of Realish Racing's drivers went for guest starts over at RD and thus made their league known. When news of the next season broke in late 2014, Shaxberd joined the club and secured a seat with Scuderia Uccello, which turned out to be the right move at the right time as RD's Race 07 activities folded in Spring 2015.

In late 2015, he returned to RaceDepartment, running the Realish Racing colours in the 9th iteration of the RDTCC, alongside ajokay and Sam Hill. After 12 races, he finished the season 13th out of 60+ drivers, scoring 872 points overall.

Realish Racing Career

V8 Australicars (2015)

For his rookie season, Shaxberd secured a seat with the Italian team Scuderia Uccello, piloting a Holden. Not quite making the season's opener after drinking one cappuccino too many at their Mugello headquarters, he managed to score points throughout the following events, up until an unfortunate spin during the second race at the V8 Australicars Adelaide Street Sprint. Repairs and conflicting appointments forced him to skip the next two events before returning for the final two events, during which he scored his first podium.

GEARS 2014-15

With the season in progress and many seats already taken, it was time to launch his own team, Aureus motorsport. Entering an allegedly underpowered Lamborghini Gallardo LP600, Mosport was destined to be the first race for the team, but suffering a disconnection, the team had to wait until the race at their headquarters to prove that in fact, the car wasn't (just) underpowered, but in fact underrated - taking (or rather keeping) home another podium, that worked out fairly well.

British Sports Prototype Cup (2015)

Back from Down Under, preparations for the next season began, which would be the first full season for Aureus motorsport. During the three pre-summerbreak races, Shaxberd managed to secure another podium at Oulton Park after suffering from some bad luck the round before. After missing the Mondello round due to technical difficulties, the rest of the season continued to be fairly successful with two more third places alongside his first in-season win at Cadwell Park, resulting in the 6th place in the driver's championship.

Special Events (2015)

Apart from the full-blown season, Shaxberd also participated in some of the many special events of 2015, the first one being this year's running of Cruddy in which he ran for Aureus, again. Unfortunately, a lap one incident sent him down the grid and another accident during the subsequent lapping procedures ended his race early on.

The next special event was the club's homage to the 24h of Le Mans, Bon Quatrième Anniversaire!. Driving one of Aureus' Judd-powered Morgan LMP2s, he secured an overall P6 after an exciting 2h-long race, placing him 2nd in class.

The following two single-make Special Events, the Realish Racing RaceRoom Racing Experience and Formula R Barth turned out to be equally successful with an overall 2nd in both before he managed to score his first ever win at Realish Racing during the RlyRTCC Classic.

The final two 'proper' special events of the year then saw the club moving to Stock Car Extreme, featuring the TRES event at Spielberg, where Shaxberd managed to get a fifth place overall despite missing the feature race due to technical problems, as well as finishing 9th in the GEARS World Cup at Macau's Guia circuit despite steering issues before ending the year at Merry Crashmas: Five Gold Rings, claiming the Lawn Mower Crown in the process.

Complete Results

Series & Championships

BG CAR PC4.jpg Season Series Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Pos Pts
V8 Australicars Italy Scuderia Uccello HID SYD BAT ADE ALB BAR CotA SUR 9th 56
10 11 7 8 DNF 5 5 7 3
BG CAR G2.jpg Season Series Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pos Pts
2014-15 GEARS Germany aureus motorsport AM BAT SEP KYA INT MOS NUR 10th 10
D/C 3
BG CAR PC5.jpg Season Series Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Pos Pts
British SP Cup Germany aureus motorsport DON CMB OUL MND CAD KNO ROC BRA 6th 114
5 8 15 7 3 7 4 1 6 6 3 11 3 6
BG Car G3.jpg Season Series Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Pos Pts
Stock Car Extreme logo.png
2016 GEARS Germany aureus motorsport ABU BAT SUZ ARA SPA SEB MEX INT 7th 32
5 10 10 7 D/C 7 7
BG Car 19.jpg Season Series Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Pos Pts
Stock Car Extreme logo.png
HBTM Germany aureus motorsport DON CMB OUL MND CAD KNO ROC BRA 6th 69
9 11 13 9 5 8 6 6 6 D/C DNF 4 DNF
BG Car 20.jpg Season Series Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pos Pts
Stock Car Extreme logo.png
CruddyCar Germany aureus motorsport SPB BAR POC LBE ATL PHX OHI SJS CHA WAT 4th 82
DNF DNF 3 DNF 3 1 1 7 3

Results Key
Bold - Pole Position
Italics - Fastest Lap
(Brackets) - Dropped Scores
* Season in Progress

Special Events

BG CAR Cruddy15.jpg Event/Title Team/Car Pos
40 Germany aureus motorsport DNF
Cruddy Comes to Corby United Kingdom Lola B02/00
BG CAR BA4.jpg Event/Title Team/Car Pos
42 Germany aureus motorsport 6[2]
Bon Quatrième Anniversaire! France Morgan Judd
BG R5E carcombo.jpg Event/Title Team/Car Pos
43 Germany aureus motorsport 2
R5E To Be Confirmed Canhard R52/Saleen S7-R GT1
BG CAR FRB.jpg Event/Title Team/Car Pos
44 Germany aureus motorsport 2
Formula R Barth Italy Tatuus FA010
BG CAR RC.jpg Event/Title Team/Car Pos
45 Germany aureus motorsport 1
RlyRTCC Classic Germany Audi A4
BG Car TRES.jpg Event/Title Team/Car Pos
46 Japan Kaibutsu Racing 5
TRES To Be Confirmed Multiple
BG Car GWC.jpg Event/Title Team/Car Pos
47 Germany aureus motorsport 9
GEARS World Cup Germany Porsche 997 GT3
BG Car CM5.jpg Event/Title Team/Car Pos
48 Germany aureus motorsport 5
Merry Crashmas 5 Europe European Coupe 3
BG Car FMEME.jpg Event/Title Team/Car Pos
49 Germany aureus motorsport NP
Formula MEME Germany AR1-Judd CV 3.5 V8
BG Car CM6.jpg Event/Title Team/Car Pos
51 Germany aureus motorsport 7
Cruddy Five United States of America Penske PC-27 - Mercedes
BG Car BA5.jpg Event/Title Team/Car Pos
52 Germany aureus motorsport 2
Bon Anniversaire! Cinq France Oreca R-One
BG Car CM6.jpg Event/Title Team/Car Pos
53 Germany aureus motorsport 10
Merry Crashmas 6 United States of America American 4 II
RevivalFerrari.jpg Event/Title Team/Car Pos
54 Germany aureus motorsport 13
Realish Revival Italy Ferrari Dino

Results Key
Bold - Pole Position
Italics - Fastest Lap
[Brackets] - In-Class Position

Non-Club Activities

BG Car RDTCC.jpg Season Series Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Pos Pts
Stock Car Extreme logo.png
RDTCC S9 RlyR Realish Racing CAS JAC SUZ GUA CUR TAR 13th 872
241 191 241 241 291 161 261 151 191 91 231 161

Results Key
Bold - Pole Position
Italics - Fastest Lap
(Brackets) - Dropped Scores
* Season in Progress

n - Division/Lobby


Amateur - this driver has entered 50 races Could get used to this - this driver has scored 10 podium finishes Pole Position - this driver has scored a pole position Seeing Purple - this driver has scored 5 fastest laps Farina's Equal - this driver has won 5 races I own this circuit! - this driver has set a lap record

Cup Winner - this driver has won a special event May I See the Menu? - This driver won the RlyRTCC Classic charity Special Event. Lawn Mower Man - this driver won the Merry Crashmas: Five Gold Rings Lawn Mower Derby Bright Stars through the perilous Fight - This team is the CruddyCar World Series Teams Champion

IRL - this driver has met another Really Rubbish Racer in real life. Fool's Gold - this driver is a Really Rubbish Racing Pleb Club Very Exclusive member. Got My Number! - this driver has scored a final points total identical to their race number