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Whilst opinion is generally divided between racers, scientific testing has proven that the Renault Twingo is the world's most awesome car.

A Tyranosaurus Rex in sheep's clothing.

Renault SuperTwingo

Legend has it that there is a S 697 abomination of the Renault Twingo. Some say it can be heard screaming down Mulsanne in Le Mans at 200mph, but no first-hand sightings have been recorded.

Racing History

The Twingo became a firm favourite of the club after it was used for the very first RRR event. In addition to being used for regular non-championship fun races, the car is held in such high regard that it will form the basis of a Special Event that will see the club's last racing on Forza Motorsport 3.

Series Race Circuit Car Winning Driver Winning Team
F1FFM3C 1 Spain Ladera Test Track France Renault Twingo United Kingdom Sodamn Insane 6 United Kingdom Leyton House
2 Spain Ladera Test Track France Renault Twingo United Kingdom Ajokay United Kingdom Ajokay Motorsport
SuperCup 1 Spain Ladera Test Track France Renault Twingo
2 Spain Camino Viejo Short France Renault SuperTwingo
3 Spain Camino Viejo Full France Renault SuperTwingo
4 Spain Camino Viejo Extreme France Renault SuperTwingo
Cup Spain Mixed France Mixed


The drivers line up for the first race of the season.
View from the back of the grid as the tension mounts.
Smifaye leads the pack through the fast chicane.
Bookoi in 3rd leads the main pack of cars.
The Twingos head into the hairpin before the long left hander.
Sodamn crosses the line amidst the last corner carnage.
The SuperTwingo test car gets put through its paces
The snarling beast that is the Renault SuperTwingo