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Below are listed the club's event and race rules. For the club's general rules, please see Realish Racing Club Rules

Before The Race

Each season has its own sub-forum on the forums. Each special event will have its own thread(s). This is where the season/special event and its races will be organised from. Unless otherwise stated, these races take place on Sunday evenings. Special Events usually take place on similar days, but not always.

Each Season or special event will have its own set of rules, car choices, qualifying (if applicable), race formats, championship points allocation, lobby settings and other nuances, so please see the wiki page for that season or event for full details and specifics. But see below for general club-wide rules.

Role Call

Up to a week before each race, a Role Call forum thread will appear. Usually it will appear 1-2 days after the previous race has run. All drivers who have registered for the series are required to state whether they will be able to attend the next race or not. If you do not reply in the thread, it is assumed that you will not be racing.

Stewards’ Report

Accompanying the Role Call thread will sometimes be a Stewards’ Report. This outlines the tracks to be used in the race, and things to look out for whilst racing on them. It will also note any corners that are easy to cut, to which special attention will be paid. Further information regarding each specific circuit can be found on the circuit guide pages.


Races usually take place on one server only, which means - while unlikely with Stock Car Extreme - a cutoff is possible. The use of multiple servers is not planned at the moment.


Some events and seasons will feature more than one class competing in the same race. Currently, when this situation arises, only the overall winner of the race is awarded an official win as per the records, and only the 2nd and 3rd placed drivers are awarded podium positions.



A test server for the upcoming race will always be open 24 hours a day at least a week before the race. This server will be closed and the race lobby opened around an hour before the race for practice and qualifying to take place.


Severely interfering with other people's laps during qualifying may be grounds for a warning or penalty. This includes, but is not limited to, deliberately blocking the track, unsafe rejoins and willingly overheating the engine.

Did Not Start

If you have signed up for a race and are online ready to join the server, but then disconnect for whatever reason (disconnection/emergency) at some point between there and the start lights turning green/going out, you are deemed to have not started, and the results for that race will show as a DNS.

Race Restarts

Race restarts are uncommon. A race will only be restarted if:

a) in a lobby of 11 or more drivers, 4 or more of the participants disconnect.
b) in a lobby of 10 or less drivers, 3 or more of the participants disconnect.
c) an incident happens during the final sector of the formation lap to simulate what would be an extra formation lap in real life.

The disconnects must be en-masse and be due to lobby/internet/connection error, and this must happen within the early stages of the race (ie, the first 3 laps whilst the field is settling down in an average-length 20-30 minute race). A general lobby glitch which has the possibility of ruining everyone's race are also grounds for a restart. One or two people dropping out of the race due to their connection will not result in a restart, and a restart will not happen after the first few laps.

If you disconnect from the main lobby but still continue to race alone in your own lobby (what we know as a DimensioN Flip), you can still be entered back into the race results if you finish your race and take a photograph of your finishing time for proof. Your time will likely be subject to a time penalty, however, to compensate for the lack of having to battle anyone on-track.

During The Race

Race Etiquette

General motor racing etiquette applies in the virtual world as well as the real, so please be courtious and leave space whilst racing (although don't let anyone by too easily. You are allowed to defend your position after all). Don't weave (especially in fast cars or on narrow tracks) and don't change lines in the braking zones. Announce overtakes so that others around you are aware, but don't take that as a free ticket to dive down the inside. Be patient. if you are faster than the car in front, you will eventually get past.

Race Starts

Make sure to get to the grid in time - should you miss the countdown, you will be allowed to start from the pits, fully obeying the pit lights. For Stock Car Extreme, this usually means the lights will stay red until the pack reaches the first sector of the first lap under racing conditions.

For rolling starts specifically, leaving the track on the formation lap or crashing into other drivers will require you to exit the lap and start from the pitlane, as well. Further investigations might apply. Should there be an incident in the third sector of the formation lap, the race will be restarted (earlier start-from-the-pitlane penalties still apply) and the driver causing it will have to start from the pit lane, further investigations pending here, as well. The lead car has to follow the safety car or, if there is no safety car, run the lap at about 100kph/62mph. Wide gaps between the cars are recommended for sectors 1 and 2, before the lead car lets the grid bunch up again during sector 3. Entering the main straight, a constant speed of about 100kph/62mph is to be maintained, with excessive accelerating/decelerating potentially causing investigations. Once the green flag/light drops, everyone is free to accelerate and overtake.


To avoid incidents, please keep in mind the following basic guidelines of overtaking another driver: - Don't push others off to get by. While some contact might be acceptable, depending on the vehicles used, it should not be the main means of getting past your opponent. - Only attempt a pass when it is reasonably promising and there is room for it. There needs to be a significant overlap with the defending car before turning in to a corner to claim the inside line and bind the other party to leave room and/or take the outside/other line. - The defending driver is entitled to deviate from his racing line once per straight in order to defend his position. This has to happen before the opponent gets too close and certainly before there is any overlap, pushing off your opponent as a means of defending is not acceptable.


Motor racing is a non-contact sport. Some of our races (Touring Cars) will lend themselves to a little more bump and grind than others (Le Mans Prototypes), but still our club's golden rule is no contact. If you are seen, heard, or alledged to have made contact with another, that contact may come up for review. If deemed malicious, avoidable, or just plain stupid, your actions may carry a penalty which will be applied after the race. Penalties can range anywhere from a caution or reprimand to a time penalty or disqualification. Persistent offending may result in a ban or permanent exclusion from Realish Racing. It has happened before. Don't let it happen again.

If contact results in you taking another competitor or competitors off, whether accidental or otherwise, wait for that driver to re-join the track and reclaim their rightful place ahead of you. Apologise whilst doing so. If you're unsure whether there was contact prior to your opponent going off and/or you gaining a position, feel free to communicate with each other to resolve this mid-race. Do not start an argument over the incident, though.

Rejoining the Track

If you have an incident and leave the track, please be mindful of how you re-join the circuit. Be incredibly aware of approaching cars, and use the game's look left/right/back/minimap features to check your surroundings and make sure that it is safe to rejoin. Rejoin gradually and at a shallow angle. Don't dive straight back onto the racing line, and don't rejoin on the apex of a corner - it's busy there.

Lapping and Being Lapped

If you are towards the tail end of the field, please keep in mind that you may be lapped. Similarly, if you are up front, watch out for cars ahead of you. When coming up to lap someone, announce you are approaching. Those being lappend confirm they are aware of this, and let the leading cars pass when it is safe to do so. However, leading cars should not expect lapped cars to jump off of the track at the drop of a hat to allow you through (and neither should those lapped aim to do so - you still got your own race going on, after all!), please consider the location of a pass to minimise the amount of time lost to both of you. Any backmarkers found intentionally holding up leaders as they are being lapped run the risk of a penalty.

In oval races only, a lapped car may fight for position in the queue regardless of whether or not they are on the lead lap, however, incidents with cars on a different lap will be dealt with as if they involve two cars on the same lap


If you collect damage during the race that renders your car uncontrollable and/or find yourself overheating the engine or otherwise interfering with other drivers' races, make sure to take action against either, i.e. pitting to repair the damage, shortshifting to avoid overheating the engine or making sure to minimise your impact on others by other means. Listen and pay attention to both your car and your fellow racers regarding possible issues.

Pit Stops

Some races have mandatory pits stops, others have necessary ones. Either way, if you are pitting, announce on the headset that you are doins so so that cars around you don't get caught out by a sudden change of direction or deceleration. Similarly, announce as you are leaving the pits and be wary of any cars approaching at full racing speed. Do not veer out of the pits directly into the path of approaching cars. In a race where pit stops are mandatory, not pitting will carry an end-of race time penalty equal to or more than the length of a pit stop.


Cheating includes but is certainly not limited to corner cutting, brake-testing, intentional ramming, bumping or contact, not pitting when it is a mandatory part of the race, and pre-meditated race result fixing. Do not use a car, upgrades or setup tune other than those specified, or compete in a race using a leaderboard-topping tune downloaded from the storefront. Penalties, disqualifications, bans and exclusions apply to those found cheating.

After The Race


Drivers will be classified and eligible to score points where their total completed laps is within 75% of the winner's total. This applies whether drivers finish the race or not.

If a race is abandoned before full distance, the result will be taken from the penultimate lap before the race was stopped. If the race is declared to be finished before the leader completes 75% of the scheduled time/distance, half points will be awarded.

Stewarding & Reports

If you feel you have been unfairly treated during a race, blatantly crashed into or weren't given back a position after an incident, you're entitled to filing a report with our stewards. However, this is supposed to be a driver's last resort, so please consider both cooling off for a few hours and/or contacting the other party first. You can file a report until the Tuesday after the race. The Stewarding team will then reach a verdict on the incident (see below), probably including hearing the involved parties' opinions. In case the Stewards, contrary to your inital report, find you at fault, this may also be a verdict to your disadvantage.

Stewarding outcomes

The stewarding team can take the following actions depending on the severity of the offence:

Warning (1 point) -- Informal caution, for minor infractions. Reprimand (2 points) -- Formal caution, for significant infractions. Penalty -- For serious infractions. May take the form of a post-race time penalty, disqualification from the race or event, a drive through penalty to be served at next race, or being ordered to start the next race from the pitlane. Ban -- For persistent poor conduct. May take the form of a race ban or permanent exclusion. Please don't let this happen.

Accumulation of 4 points (equivalent to x4 warnings or x2 reprimands) within four events will result in an additional penalty at the discretion of the stewarding team.

A driver may appeal a decision to the admin team within two days of the stewarding outcomes being published.