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Really Rubbish Racing
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Realish Racing (formerly Really Rubbish Racing) is an online virtual racing club founded in June 2011 by one man with a vision and seven other like-minded individuals.


F1 Fanatic Xbox 360 F1 2010 Championship

The club was formed from what was the ashes of a Microsoft Xbox 360-based racing competition using Codemasters' F1 2010 game. The series of races was organised by current RRR member Shouty on the forums of popular F1 blog website F1 Fanatic. The championship was christened the F1Fanatic Xbox 360 F1 2010 Championship and was participated by several other players who are now RRR club members. Due to an unfortunate series of incidents, some involving organisation of the races, and others with the game itself, the series folded before its conclusion and a champion was never crowned.

A Forza Series Suggested

After losing patience and interest in the F1 game, several of the players moved back to playing another Xbox 360 racing favourite: Forza Motorsport 3. After a few weeks of casual online racing, it was suggested by Smifaye that a Forza Motorsport 3 championship should be created. Ajokay agreed, and after much gentle persuasion from Smifaye, the F1 Fanatic forums were used to announce the series and gain interest. The 8 spaces that an online Forza Motorsport 3 lobby allow for were filled by the end of the day, with several latecomers expressing an interest in filling in for any unavailable players. A set of rules for the series were decided upon, and the newly christened F1 Fanatic Forza Motorsport 3 Championship got underway on Wednesday, 15th June 2011, the inaugural race being at the Ladera Test Track in Spain, contested between 8 identical Renault Twingos.

The Birth of the Club

The first ever Really Rubbish Race

After a couple of events had been raced, the original forum thread used to organise the series was starting to swell to well over 20 pages. With a view to arranging the competition in a more organised fashion, Ajokay set up a set of temporary pages on his personal website until something more concrete could be established. Remembering an idea that he and schoolfriend/fellow race sim fan C R Welsh had had a couple of years earlier whilst playing Forza Motorsport 2, Ajokay decide to form a club - a governing body, if you will - to oversee the current series and any future racing that was likely to happen (after all, everyone was enjoying themselves so much)!

The name he and C R Welsh had in mind for their club was Really Really Rubbish Racing. With a view that he was better at Forza Motorsport than he was 2 years previous, and not wanting to undermine anyone else's abilities, he decided to shorten the name of the new club to Really Rubbish Racing, or RRR for short. The club was born, the races had a governing body to sanction them and oversee competition, and this website and community forum soon followed, negating the need to fill F1 Fanatic's forum with pages and pages of conversation that only 10 people were interested in.

Onwards and Upwards

The F1 Fanatic Forza Motorsport 3 Championship concluded after 24 rounds across 12 events over 6 weeks, with RumblyLizard being crowned Really Rubbish Racing's first ever champion. Plans for a follow-up championship were soon underway, resulting in the Really Rubbish Racing Touring Car Championship. Through word of mouth from members and spectators alike, and an overactive twitter account, interest in the club grew. Having started season 2 with 8 drivers, the field had swelled to 16 by the mid-point race at Le Mans, and that's not including the 2 drivers who couldn't make it. Not content with watching the races from the sidelines, certain weak-willed individuals went out and purchased Xbox 360 consoles and copies of Forza 3 just so they could join the on-track action!

The club's soaring popularity in such a short space of time has even spawned its own theme tune, merchandise and video showreel from various club members.

And Outwards

The club is open to sanction race series using other video games, the obvious one being a return to single-seater action that started the ball rolling in the first place. On 15th July 2011, Smifaye set up the RRR F1 2011 Championship, an officially sanctioned race series using Codemasters' lastest installment in their F1 series. This attracted even more members, raising the total to around 25. The season started on 9th October 2011.

The Future

In addition to racing more championships with the 4th iteration of Forza Motorsport and Formula One games, it has been proposed that Really Rubbish Racing move into other games as interest and club membership grows, including Gran Turismo 5 (Several of the new intake of members were Sony PlayStation fans, previously content with their shuffle sessions) and Race Driver: Grid. But any such expansion shall be gradual and controlled.

Really Rubbish Racing keeps a close eye on several similar series outside of its own operations, but in which it has vested interest due several RRR members (including Dam0nski and Dan Thorn) racing in these championships. These include the world-famous Collantine Cup, a single-seater series for Sony PlayStation 3 owners using F1 2010, and upcoming season using F1 2011, and the Gran Turismo Touring Car Championship, a supertourer championship fought out on Gran Turismo 5's mostly fictional circuits.

A meetup for club members at a real-life motorsports event is in the works for 2012.