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Republic of Ireland PJ Tierney
GH S15 L 1.png
Nationality Republic of Ireland Irish
Residence United Kingdom Warwick, United Kingdom
Xbox Live PJTierney
Forum Profile PJTierney
Website PJTierney.net
YouTube PJTierney
Twitter Twitter.png @PJ_Tierney
Twitch PJTierney
Car Number 45
Overall Results
Race Event Starts 370
Drivers' Championships 3
Teams' Championships 3
Rookie Championships 1
Privateer Championships 1
Race Event Wins 36
Podiums 134
Rally Stage Wins 15
Pole Positions 9
Fastest Laps 30

This is a page detailing the online racing history of PJ Tierney in organised online racing competition. For additional information about the racing leagues he has competed in, please see below.


PJ Tierney was an Irish driver that competed in the Realish Racing, Virtual Motorsports and GTPlanet racing leagues. He was one of the longest-competing drivers in the club at the time of his retirement, racing since late 2011.

PJ was known within the club as being a quick, consistent and fiercely competitive driver, and one of the most well-prepared overall heading into each race.
His driving skills were bolstered by an intricate knowledge of the games he competed in, giving him a skillset that few racers in the club possessed.

A tactical fighter in traffic, PJ tried an overtake whenever there was an opportunity to do so, easily able to make the most of opportunities that other drivers presented to him.
He was also renowned for being one of the most difficult drivers in the club to overtake, refusing to give up a position until there is truly no way of keeping a competitor behind.

PJ's aim in Realish Racing competition was to become one of the frontrunners of the club, regularly appearing on the podium, winning races and competing for Championship victories.
He completed his ultimate club goal (to become a Drivers' Champion) after winning the Miata Masters and followed it up with a second and third title, after winning the Mega GT World Tour and Lotus Elise Anniversary Series respectively.

Following the club's full transition into PC-based sim racing, PJ retired from competitive action to focus on other projects.
From 2018-2019 he was an official Race Marshal for Forza Motorsport 7, providing input and feedback to Forza developers Turn 10 Studios on how to improve their online racing service. He was also an early beta tester for Gran Turismo Sport.

In 2019 PJ joined Codemasters as Social Media Manager. Known primarily for his work on DiRT Rally 2.0, he continued to support and educate new drivers by producing official tutorials for F1 2020 and F1 2021.

Racing History

PJ has competed in many events and championships across multiple racing organisations, always looking to push his racing skills to the limit against faster-paced individuals.

In all series that PJ has raced in, he aims to race hard but fair, ensuring that competitors also push their own abilities further in order to beat him on-track.

Realish Racing
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Games DiRT Rally 2.0   Gran Turismo 6 logo.png   Forza4Logo.png   F12011Logo.png   RlyR IRL Logo.png
Race Event Starts 306
Race Event Wins 33
Podiums 118
Event History & Results
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Games Gran Turismo 6 logo.png
Race Event Starts 38
Race Event Wins 0
Podiums 10
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Virtual Motorsports
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Games Forza4Logo.png
Race Event Starts 26
Race Event Wins 3
Podiums 6
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