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"Because our racing is Real... ish!"

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Latest Full Race Video
Formula MEME - Round 4
Formula MEME - Round 4

Founded in June 2011 (as Really Rubbish Racing), Realish Racing is a club for sim racers of all skill levels. For over 8 years, we've been enjoying clean, fun racing with a championship structure - things not often found in serious clubs or public multiplayer lobbies.

In 2019 we'll be using rFactor 2 and Automobilista, after several years of competition using Race 07 and Stock Car Extreme. Previously we've focused on Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo 6 as well as ventures into Codemasters F1 series and Race Driver: Grid.

All you could possibly want to know about the club can be found in the various links to the left and above, including our past seasons, which have included everything from touring cars, GT racing and 80's classics to Demolition Derbies, Oval Racing and full length Grands Prix, and lots more besides.

If you like what you see and wish to join in, head over to our members forum. And you can like or follow the club on our various social media pages!

Coming Up...

Next Event
Automobilista logo.png Caterham Auto Trophy Series
France Dijon-Prenois Trophy
S26R2 6.jpg
Date Sunday 19th May 2019
Previous Event
RFactor2 Logo.png Caterham Auto Trophy Series
United Kingdom Snetterton Trophy Race 3
G18 R6AC.jpg
Winner United Kingdom Kyran Parkin

Current Activity

Current Season
Caterham Auto Trophy Series
12th May - 4th August 2019
Next Special Event

Recent Seasons & Events

Previous 5 Seasons
HETM logo.png
RFactor2 Logo.png Hyper European Touring Masters
Champion: United Kingdom Kyran Parkin
S26 FR10 logo small.png
Automobilista logo.png Formula R10 Championship
Champion: United Kingdom Kyran Parkin
RFactor2 Logo.png 2018 Global Endurance Auto Racing Series
Champion: United Kingdom Kyran Parkin
SXR Logo.png
RFactor2 Logo.png Stock X Reloaded
Champion: United Kingdom Mark Singleton
Automobilista logo.png Realish Prototype International Challenge
Champion: United Kingdom Kyran Parkin
Previous 5 Special Events
RFactor2 Logo.png Il Battaglia Di Capodanno
Winner: Greece Lazaros Filippakos
Next car game wreckfest logo.png Crashmas 9: The Craigth Day of Crashmas
Winner: Greece Lazaros Filippakos
Automobilista logo.png Automobyelista
Winner: United Kingdom Mike Bell
Automobilista logo.png Bon Anniversaire! Huit
Winner: United Kingdom Kyran Parkin
Automobilista logo.png Cruddy Eight
Winner: United Kingdom Mark Singleton