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Canada Howler Racing
Founder MasterOntWolf
Base Canada Ontario, Canada
Notable Drivers Canada Rob Covey

Sweden April Carlsvard

Europe Matt Davies

Race Starts 160
Championships Won 0
Special Events Won 0
Race Wins 0
Podiums 0
Pole Positions 0
Fastest Laps 0

Currently Active Seasons

RRTCC3 Logo.png
Automobilista logo.png Realish Racing Touring Car Championship 3
Howler RRTCC3.jpg
Season Drivers #43 Canada Rob Covey #85 Europe Matt Davies

Previous Seasons & Events


Special Event Run on January 8th, 2017 Event Vehicle: Italy Ferrari Dino
Automobilista logo.png Realish Revival
Driver Qualifying Results
Canada Rob Covey 14th of 19 - 1:39:101 Final Position(s): (R1 - #DNF#)(R2 - #DNF#)(R3 - 14th)









Howler Racing was originally conceived over 20 years ago during the days on the dirt oval at Humberstone Speedway. The racing name was created by my daughter when our husky would start howling everytime the neighbor worked on his car in the driveway. Later after we tried taking her to a few events the name stuck when she would howl through the entire evenings events.

In August 2013 after browsing through the Forza Motorsports Rear View Mirror I decided take a look at Really Rubbish Racing.

Unfortunately at the time I had read the article Season 10 was in full swing with only a couple races left. I decided to enter the last few races anyways, painted and set my car and Howler Racing was born.

Howler Racing was re-established in August 2013. Originally used for entry for live racing at Humberstone Speedway it has now made its way to the online community under Really Rubbish Racing. Howler Racing is based in Hamilton Ont, Canada