GT Endurance Auto Racing Series

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GT Endurance Auto Racing Series (GEARS) is the name of Really Rubbish Racing's Grand Touring Endurance division specialising in races between various GT specification machinery in races of 1 hour or longer in duration.

GEARS could refer to

  • GEARS 100 Miles of Laguna Seca - Really Rubbish Racing's first ever special event, running to an early draft of GEARS specifications that allowed for GT2 cars.
  • GEARS World Cup - Realish Racing's 47th special event running GT3 specification cars at Macau's Guia Circuit.

See Also:

  • GT Super Sprint Series - The 7th season of Really Rubbish Racing Forza Motorsport competition using similar specifications to the GEARS events and series, but with shorter 20 minute sprint races.