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United Kingdom e-Motoring
Founder Mister E
Base United Kingdom Southampton
Racing Colours
Notable Games Forza3Logo.png
Notable Drivers England Mr E 004
Races Entered 5
Championships Won 0
Special Events Won 0
Race Wins 0
Podiums 0
Pole Positions 0
Fastest Laps 0

The Beginning

e-motoring was founded on 19th July 2011 as Mr E 004 attempted to gain entry into Really Rubbish Racing.

A New Beginning

In a shocking a twist in the run-up to the new season e-motoring and Leyton House Reloaded held a meeting with all appropriate parties from the world of RRR and joined forces to create a team based in Southampton (mostly) called Shout-E-Motoring. More details to follow.

A Premature End

E-motoring has announced it will be competing in the Renault Twingo SuperCup with it's primary driver Mr E 004. However in the same press conference it was also announced that, post-series the doors would be closing on the E-motoring offices forever. This was put down the poor performance of the E-motoring side of Shout-E-Motoring in the RRRTCC resulting in a loss of Sponsors and contract monies. Mr E 004 has expressed extreme disappointment with the recent turn of events, but has said he will continue to fight on and work his driving fingers to the bone to get a new team up and running and aim for more success in Season 3.

Livery And Sponsorship

The livery of e-motoring has always had a "split Personality" theme and has always, in some part, contained a bright green section. The original livery can be seen below on a Peugeot RC-Z and McLaren MP4-12C below.


On the 21st July 2011 e-motoring announced a title sponsorship deal with 7-Up* to become 7-up e-motoring and began to test Touring Cars in 7-Up's green and white colours with 7-up sponsorship decals for the first time. The original test in this livery are understood to have been carried out with a Chevrolet Cobalt SS as shown below.

e-motoring made another press release on the 26th July 2011 to announce not only another new sponsor but also a new manufacturer contract. e-motoring stated the 7-up e-motoring would now be running what would be known as Vodka Lemonade Mazda 3's thanks to deals with Smirnoff and Mazda. As shown below.


e-motoring has been spotted with their driver Mr E 004 in France recently as a photo was released in "L'Equipe" of the Vodka Lemonade car taken by an amateur photographer at the track.

Since the release of this photo e-motoring have claimed that this was a filming day paid for by one of their sponsors, Exxon, and that they are grateful that the car has been recognised out on track as this means the dynamic livery has had it's desired affect. e-motoring released these two photos from their footage, before declaring the footage available to the Exxon sponsor for the use they desired. Also confirmed is that Exxon gained permission from the French to maintain the Smirnoff logo for the recording and footage days in France. e-motoring have since released a statement that they are in full recognition of the alcohol advertising laws in france and will make a one-race change to their livery in time for the 45 Minutes du Bugatti avec Michelin round of the championship.

GEER 100 Miles of Laguna Seca

Main article: GT2 Epic Endurance Race

e-motoring entered their driver without his prior knowledge into the "GEER 100 miles of Laguna Seca" so when the time arrived and, as usual he was tied up and bundled into the back of the van so his girlfriend wouldn't question where he was going. It was truly a shock to him to find he was racing for 1 hour round Laguna Seca.

Mr E 004 put in an adequate performance finishing just 3 laps down on the leader and only taking a battering from the AI after other people had finished on his way to a classified 6th place. He felt for him this was an good performance in the GT2 BMW M3.

Complete Results

Special Events

Event Title Driver Car Position Points
1 GEER 100 Miles of Laguna Seca England Mr E 004 BMW M3 GT2 6th n/a
2 Renault Twingo SuperCup England Mr E 004 Renault Twingo 8th 0

*Not actually 7-Up, Smirnoff, ExxonMobil or Mazda. No contact has been made with any of these companies in association with using their names for this interest post.