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Dan Turismo is a Realish Racing YouTube series where club member and Indypendables driver Dan Thorn heads back to his childhood to play through Polyphony Digital's 1999 racing title, Gran Turismo 2. Self-imposed rules and stipulations add a new dimension to this classic play-through.

A full YouTube playlist of all episodes is available here.


Episode 1
Dan Turismo Episode 1.jpg
Intro & Licences
2nd April 2016
Dan begins his playthrough of Gran Turismo 2 by getting the licences out of the way and outlining his rules for the series.
Episode 2
Dan Turismo Episode 2.jpg
First Car! First Races!
2nd April 2016
Dan continues his journey through Gran Turismo 2 with the excitement of buying his first car and venturing into the classic early races. Clubman Cup, anyone?
Episode 3
Dan Turismo Episode 3.jpg
Sayonara Celica
9th April 2016
Having exhausted the options for his 1983 Toyota Celica, Dan seeks a new model - but it won't be Japanese.
Episode 4
Dan Turismo Episode 4.jpg
Taurus Gets A Tune
19th April 2016
Dan feels the urge to fiddle with his Ford, and gives his Taurus a Tune. A SHO tune?
Episode 5
Dan Turismo Episode 5.jpg
Venturing Into the Unknown
25th April 2016
It's the end of the road for the Ford Taurus. What comes next??