Caterham Auto Trophy Series

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Automobilista logo.png Caterham Auto Trophy Series
Caterham Auto Trophy Series logo
Date 12th May - 4th August
Category Sports Cars
Region France Germany Sweden United Kingdom Europe
Races 24
Drivers 16
Teams 9
Drivers' Champion To Be Confirmed TBC
Manufacturers' Champion To Be Confirmed TBC
Newcomers Champion None
Achievement Badges
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The Caterham Auto Trophy Series is the 28th season of Realish Racing competition, running from May to August 2019.

The season will be run on Automobilista, using the Caterham 360R Superlight. With lower-powered machinery than in previous seasons, in addition to road-legal tyres, this season will test driver skill and patience.

Kyran Parkin enters the season as defending Realish Racing champion, having successfully defended his title in the Hyper European Touring Masters. Unified Petroleum Autosports are the defending teams' champions.


The eight meetings will each feature the following sessions:

  • Practice- 30 minutes
  • Qualifying - 20 minutes, open qualifying, fastest lap sets R1 grid, 2nd fastest sets R2 grid
  • Warmup - 5 minutes, all cars on track
  • Race 1 - 20 minutes (approx) in length
  • Warmup - 5 minutes, all cars on track
  • Race 2 - 20 minutes (approx) in length
  • Warmup - 5 minutes, all cars on track
  • Race 3 - 20 minutes (approx) in length, top 8 from R2 reverse grid

Car Specifications

United Kingdom Caterham 360R Superlight
Drivetrain RWD
Engine 2000cc Ford Duratec I4 NA
Power 165HP @ 7300RPM
Torque 164NM @5900RPM
Weight 630KG

Entry List

Team No. Driver Rounds Entered
Austria ByCraig Racing 1 United Kingdom Kyran Parkin 1-3
14 Greece Lazaros Filippakos 1-3
Japan Cosmo Seiki Japan 2
  1. REDIRECT Template:Marsh
74 Flag of poland.png Artur Borowski 1-6
Germany aureus motorsport 8 United Kingdom Mike Bell 1-6
10 Germany Björn Golda 4-6
United Kingdom POWA 23 England Alex Odell 1-6
71 United Kingdom Pete Walker 4-6
United Kingdom Bad Pun Racing 36 United Kingdom Mark Singleton 1-6
38 United Kingdom William Fry 1-6
Japan Kaibutsu Racing 64 Scotland Campbell Wallis 1-6
166 United Kingdom Chris Williamson 1-6
RlyR Realish Racing Wildcard 43 Canada Rob Covey 1-3
Sweden Fury Racing 58 Norway Scott Søvik 1-3
United Kingdom Argosport 85 Europe Matt Davies 4-6
86 United Kingdom Craig Woollard 1-3

Blue - Newcomer driver

Driver Changes

  1. REDIRECT Template:Marsh at Japan Cosmo Seiki Japan.

Championship Standings


The top 8 drivers will score points as follows:

Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Points 10 8 6 5 4 3 2 1