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This page contains a list of all Realish Racing special events.

Event Game Series Date
1 Forza3Logo.png
GEER 100 Miles of Laguna Seca.png
GEARS 100 Miles of Laguna Seca 17th August 2011
2 Forza3Logo.png
Renault Twingo SuperCup.png
Renault Twingo SuperCup 13th October 2011
3 Forza4Logo.png Dan Wheldon Invitational 26th October 2011
4 GridLogo.png
Merry Crashmas (and a Smashy New Year) 30th November 2011
5 Forza4Logo.png
Zer0 Emissions Endurance Event
8th December 2011
6 F12011Logo.png
Sunset Grand Prix 22nd January 2012
7 Forza4Logo.png
HGTM Nordschleife 90.png
Hyper Global Tourenwagen Masters Nordschleife 90
(HGTM 90)
22nd February 2012
8 Forza4Logo.png
Radical logo.png
Radically Rubbish Cup
18th April 2012
9 Forza4Logo.png
The Inaugural Cruddy 125
(Cruddy 125)
27th May 2012
10 Forza4Logo.png
Bon Anniversaire!
24th June 2012
11 Forza4Logo.png
Carroll Shelby Tribute Trophy event logo.png
Carroll Shelby Tribute Trophy
4th July 2012
12 F12011Logo.png
Rainmeister Cup.jpg
Rainmeister Cup 22nd July 2012
13 GridLogo.png
Merry crashmas 2.png
Merry Crashmas 2: Crash Harder
(Crashmas 2)
13th December 2012
14 Forza4Logo.png
TURD event logo.png
Tune, Upgrade, Race, Design
3rd April 2013
15 Forza4Logo.png
Cruddy Number Two event logo.png
Cruddy Number Two
(Cruddy 2)
23rd May 2013
16 Forza4Logo.png
Bon Deuxieme Anniversaire event logo.png
Bon Deuxième Anniversaire!
20th June 2013
17 Forza4Logo.png
NASCARRR History event logo.png
History of NASCARRR 4th July 2013
18 Forza4Logo.png
GEARS event logo.png
GEARS Grand Prix of New England 22nd September 2013
19 Forza4Logo.png
Mega GT 200
13th November, 2013
20 Forza4Logo.png
GEARS event logo.png
GEARS Alpine 2 Hours 1st December 2013
21 GridLogo.png
Third Day of Crashmas.png
The Third Day of Crashmas
(Crashmas 3)
4th December 2012
22 Forza4Logo.png
GEARS event logo.png
GEARS Whitebread 1x2 Hours of Sunset 16th January 2014
23 Forza4Logo.png
Furai Memorial Trophy event logo.png
Furai Memorial Trophy 30th January 2014
24 Forza4Logo.png
GEARS event logo.png
GEARS Tsukuba Endurance Cup 2nd March 2014
25 Gran Turismo 6 logo.png
KART event logo.png
Karting Auto Racing Trophy
9th March 2014
26 Forza4Logo.png
World Hatchback Automobile Trophy event logo.png
World Hatchback Automobile Trophy
2nd April 2014
27 GridLogo.png
Spring Break 2014 event logo.png
Spring Break 2014
16th April 2014
28 Forza4Logo.png
GEARS event logo.png
GEARS 300km Nürburgring 30th April 2014
29 Forza4Logo.png
Cruddy 2014 event logo.png
Cruddy 2014
(Cruddy 3)
22nd May 2014
30 Forza4Logo.png
Bon Troisieme Anniversaire event logo.png
Bon Troisième Anniversaire!
11th June 2014

Event Game Series Date
31 RaceProLogo.png
Ultimate Truck Showdown event logo.png
Ultimate Truck Showdown 6th July 2014
32 Gran Turismo 6 logo.png
Red Bull Cup of Gran Turismo event logo.png
Kokkinos Tavros Kypello Megas Tourismou
(Red Bull Cup of Gran Turismo)
16th July 2014
33 Forza4Logo.png
Mustang Madness 28th August 2014
34 RaceProLogo.png
Really Rubbish Superprix 12th October 2014
35 RaceProLogo.png
Kimster's Grotty Crashmas Grotto event logo.png
Kimster's Grotty Crashmas Grotto
(Crashmas 4)
14th December 2014
36 Gran Turismo 6 logo.png
MmmKei event logo.png
MmmKei 14th January 2015
37 RlyR IRL Logo.png
Alex's 30th Birthday Karting Extravaganza event poster.jpg
Alex's 30th Birthday Karting Extravaganza 21st February 2015
38 Next car game wreckfest logo.png
Spring Break resurWRECKtion event logo.jpg
Spring Break: resurWRECKtion
18th March 2015
39 RaceProLogo.png
Radical DinoX event logo.png
Radical DinoX 22nd March 2015
40 RaceProLogo.png
Cruddy Comes to Corby event logo.png
Cruddy Comes to Corby
(Cruddy 4)
31st May 2015
41 Gran Turismo 6 logo.png
BAC Logo.png
Bon Anniversaire! Classique 17th June 2015
42 RaceProLogo.png
Bon Quatrième Anniversaire event logo.png
Bon Quatrième Anniversaire!
21st June 2015
43 Raceroom racing experience logo.png
R5E event logo.png
Realish Racing RaceRoom Racing Experience
12th July 2015
44 Assetto Corsa logo.png
Formula R Barth event logo.jpg
Formula R Barth 6th September 2015
45 RaceProLogo.png
RlyRTCC Classic event logo.jpg
Realish Racing Touring Car Championship Classic
(RlyRTCC Classic)
13th September 2015
46 Stock Car Extreme logo.png
Troféu RlyR Extremo do Spielberg event logo.png
Troféu RlyR Extremo do Spielberg
28th October 2015
47 Stock Car Extreme logo.png
GEARS World Cup event logo.png
GEARS World Cup 6th December 2015
48 Next car game wreckfest logo.png
Merry Crashmas Five Gold Rings event logo.png
Merry Crashmas: Five Gold Rings
(Crashmas 5)
13th December 2015
49 Stock Car Extreme logo.png
Formula MEME event logo black.png
Formula MEME 14th February 2016
50 RlyR IRL Logo.png
Super Niko Kart event logo.png
Super Niko Kart 6th March 2016
51 Stock Car Extreme logo.png
Cruddy Five event logo.png
Cruddy Five
(Cruddy 5)
22nd May 2016
52 Stock Car Extreme logo.png
Bon Anniversaire Cinq event logo.png
Bon Anniversaire! Cinq
26th June 2016
53 Next car game wreckfest logo.png
Cm6 logo.png
Merry Crashmas 6: Rudolph's Raffle
(Crashmas 6)
18th December 2016
54 Automobilista logo.png
Realish Revival 8th January 2017
55 RFactor2 Logo.png
De Nederlandse Regen Meester Trofee 12th March 2017
56 Automobilista logo.png
CCFI Poster.png
Coppa di Corsa Formula Italiana
(Formula Craig)
14th May 2017
57 Automobilista logo.png
Cruddy Six event logo.png
Cruddy Six
(Cruddy 6)
4th June 2017
58 Automobilista logo.png
Berlingo Bingo 2nd July 2017
59 Automobilista logo.png
Bon Anniversaire! Six
23th July 2017
60 RFactor2 Logo.png
Abarth Racing: Scottish Edition
12th November 2017

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