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Full chronological list of Realish Racing seasons.

Season Game Series Dates
1 Forza3Logo.png
F1Fanatic Forza Motorsport 3 Championship
15th June -
21st July 2011
2 Forza3Logo.png
RRRTCC logo.png
Really Rubbish Racing Touring Car Championship
28th August -
13st October 2011
F1 1 F1Logo.png
Really Rubbish Racing F1 2011 Championship
9th October -
4th December 2011
3 Forza4Logo.png
4za Motorsport Championship
2nd November -
24th November 2011
4 Forza4Logo.png
HGTM series logo.png
Hyper Global Tourenwagen Masters
19th January -
29th March 2012
F1 2 F1Logo.png
F1 Asian Series 5th February -
8th April 2012
5 Forza4Logo.png
MEMES logo.jpg
Mid-Engined, Mid-Eighties Series
2nd May -
13th June 2012
F1 3 F1Logo.png
F1 Summer Series 2012.png
2012 F1 Summer Series 3rd June -
26th August 2012
6 Forza4Logo.png
OSCAR logo.png
Open Season Championship Auto Racing
18th July -
12th September 2012
7 Forza4Logo.png
Grand Touring Super Sprint Series
18th October -
29th November 2012
7s Forza4Logo.png
Trofeo MiTo Series Logo.png
Trofeo MiTo
8 Forza4Logo.png
Nihon Tour
7th February -
21st March 2013
8s Forza4Logo.png
Le Rubbeesh Clio Coupe d'Asie
(Clio Cup Asia)
9 Forza4Logo.png
SECS series logo.png
SEAT European Cup Series
17th April -
6th June 2013
9s Forza4Logo.png
FART series logo.png
Five-Hundred Abarth Racing Trophy
10 Forza4Logo.png
NASCARRR Stock X series logo.png
(Stock X)
18th July -
29th August 2013
10s Forza4Logo.png
NASCARRR XS Runoff series logo.png
(XS Runoff)
GEARS Forza4Logo.png
GEARS event logo.png
2013-14 GT Endurance Auto Racing Series Season
(GEARS 2013/14 )
22nd September 2013 -
11th June 2014
11 Forza4Logo.png
Lotus Exige World Cup series logo.png
Lotus Exige World Cup
26th September -
7th November 2013
PC1 RaceProLogo.png
Formula R Festival.png
Formula R Festival
12th January -
2nd February 2014
12 Forza4Logo.png
Classic Tour series logo.png
Classic Tour 6th February -
20th March 2014
PC2 RaceProLogo.png
RlyR Touring Car Championship Season Two series logo.png
RlyR Touring Car Championship Season 2
16th March -
1st June 2014
13 Forza4Logo.png
Miata Masters Logo 400.png
Miata Masters 8th May -
3rd July 2014
GEARS 2014-15 series logo.png
2014-15 GT Endurance Auto Racing Series Season
(GEARS 2014/15 )
20th July 2014 -
17th May 2015
PC3 RaceProLogo.png
International Masters of Formula R 2.0 series logo.png
International Masters of Formula R 2.0
(IMFR 2.0)
27th July -
23rd November 2015
14 Gran Turismo 6 logo.png
Green Turismo series logo.png
Green Turismo 14th August -
1st October 2014
15 Gran Turismo 6 logo.png
Chevrolet Corvette Heritage Trophy series logo.png
Chevrolet Corvette Heritage Trophy
23rd October -
4th December 2014
PC4 RaceProLogo.png
V8 Australicars series logo.png
V8 Australicars
18th January -
3rd May 2015
16 Gran Turismo 6 logo.png
MGT WT Logo.png
Mega GT World Tour
21st January -
4th March 2015
17 Gran Turismo 6 logo.png
S17 Logo.png
Lotus Elise Anniversary Series
15th April -
27th May 2015
British Sports Prototype Cup series logo.png
British Sports Prototype Cup
(British SP Cup)
26th July -
22nd November 2015
Stock Car Extreme logo.png
GEARS 2016 series logo.png
2016 GT Endurance Auto Racing Series Season
(GEARS 2016)
17th January -
27th November 2016
19 Stock Car Extreme logo.png
Hyper Brazilian Touring Masters series logo.png
Hyper Brazilian Tourismo Mestres
24th January -
5th May 2016
20 Stock Car Extreme logo.png
CruddyCar World Series logo.png
CruddyCar World Series of North America
7th August -
4th December 2016
21 Automobilista logo.png
RRTCC3 Logo.png
Realish Racing Touring Car Championship 3
22nd January -
7th May 2017
Automobilista logo.png
GEARS 2017 Header.png
2017 Grand Endurance Auto Racing Series
(GEARS 2017)
12th February -
19th November 2017
22 Automobilista logo.png
Nihon Tour Classic series logo.png
Nihon Tour Classic 27th August -
29th October 2017
23 RFactor2 Logo.png
Formula R2000 Festival
26th November -
17th December 2017
24 Automobilista logo.png Season 24 Spring 2018