2019 Grand Endurance Auto Racing Series

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RFactor2 Logo.png 2019 Formula Global Endurance Auto Racing Series
2019 FGEARS season logo
Date February - December 2019
Category Open Wheel
Region Global
Rounds 8
Drivers Yes
Teams Yes
Drivers' Champion TBA
Teams' Champion TBA
Achievement Badges
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The 2019 Global Endurance Auto Racing Series (Formula GEARS) is the sixth season of Realish Racing's endurance championship.


The six rounds will feature five sessions:

  • Free Practice - running throughout the week of the race beginning on the Monday evening.
  • Final Practice - 60 minutes, all cars on track, beginning at 18:00.
  • Qualifying - 30 minutes, all cars on track, no lap limit. Beginning at 19:00.
  • Warmup - 5 minutes for setup finalisation, refuelling, and bathroom breaks, beginning at 19:30.
  • Race - 305 kilometres in length with a formation lap behind the safety car followed by a rolling start. Beginning at approximately 19:35.

Car Specifications

For the very first time, the 2019 GEARS season will see the use of open wheel cars in the championship:

Italy Dallara GP2/11
Engine 4000cc V12 NA
Power 612BHP @ 10000RPM
Torque 500NM @ 8000RPM
Weight 688kg

Entry List

Team No. Driver Rounds Entered
United Kingdom Unified Petroleum Autosports 1 United Kingdom Kyran Parkin 1-3
14 Greece Lazaros Filippakos 1-3
Italy Scuderia Uccello 2
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59 United States of America Evan Adams
United Kingdom Smile Power Racing 8 United Kingdom Mike Bell 1-3
31 Australia Matthew Wheeler 1-2
Germany aureus motorsport 10 Germany Björn Golda 1, 3
35 Scotland Allie Ferrie 1
Mexico Valor Racing Team 26 North Carolina Joe Nathan 1
United Kingdom Bad Pun Racing 36 United Kingdom Mark Singleton 1-3
38 United Kingdom William Fry 2
Japan Kaibutsu Racing 45 England Niall Larner 2
64 Scotland Campbell Wallis 1-3
RlyR Realish Racing Wildcard 43 Canada Rob Covey 1-3
Sweden Fury Racing 58 Norway Scott Søvik 1-3
314 Sweden April Carlsvard 1-3
Antarctica Team Penguin 101 United Kingdom William Walker 1
166 United Kingdom Chris Williamson 1-3

Blue - Newcomer driver

Driver Changes