Teams and their identities, history and rivalries are a big part of the fun at Realish Racing, so let’s have a look at our grid.

Current Teams

Aureus Motorsport

Founder: Björn Golda
Nationality: German
Realish Debut: 2015

Björn Golda’s team have been consistent challengers in the upper midfield, if not higher, in every season they have competed.

Bad Pun Racing

Founder: Mark Singleton
Nationality: British
Realish Debut: 2017

BPR was formed when Mark Singleton split from Tropico to strike out on his own. Dad jokes are required to secure a drive.

ByCraig Racing

Founder: Craig Woollard
Nationality: British
Realish Debut: 2014

Formerly Eiffel Power Motorsport, ByCraig have seen varied fortunes over the years.

Macro Cosmos Racing

Founder: Joshua Anderson
Nationality: British
Realish Debut: 2017

Rebranding from Cosmo, Macro Cosmos are ready to start their engines – preferably turbocharged ones!

Fury Racing

Founder: April Carlsvard
Nationality: Swedish
Realish Debut: 2018

One of the more recent teams, Fury Racing has found quick success in its first few seasons.

Howler Racing

Founder: Rob Covey
Nationality: Canadian
Realish Debut: 2013

Usually a single-car outfit, Howler Racing are nevertheless one of the longest-running teams in Realish Racing.

Kaibutsu Racing

Founder: Campbell Wallis
Nationality: Scottish
Realish Debut: 2013
Kaibutsu are among the oldest active teams on the grid, generally found somewhere in the midfield.


Founder: Pete Walker
Nationality: British
Realish Debut: 2016

Founding member Pete Walker occasionally competes with Nethersport…


Founder: Alex Odell
Nationality: British
Realish Debut: 2011

…unless he’s racing with fellow founder Alex Odell over at POWA, the oldest active team on the grid.

Team Penguin

Founder: Will Walker
Nationality: Antarctica
Realish Debut: 2016

Team Penguin operate out of Antarctica (for tax purposes, presumably).

Unified Petroleum A..

Founder: Kyran Parkin
Nationality: British
Realish Debut: 2017

UPA are among the most successful teams in recent Realish history, at least when they don’t run out of fuel.

Random Racing

Founder: Matthew Wheeler
Nationality: Australian
Realish Debut: 2019

The newest team in Realish Racing, founded by long-time Australian member Matthew Wheeler.

Tekno Competition

Founder: Artur Borowski
Nationality: Polish
Realish Debut: 2020

A new entrant on the Realish scene looking to challenge the best. Best in the midfield, that is.

Tropico Motorsports

Founder: James Lambert
Nationality: British
Realish Debut: 2012

While Tropico was the first admin-run team to be revived, it has forged a new life under the stewardship of James Lambert.

Admin-run Teams

Admin-run teams are long-inactive teams which have been revived for drivers who don’t find a seat at an existing team. They are generally drivers who aren’t able to commit to a full season and rookies who join midway through a season.


Founder: Jason Clift-Jones
Nationality: British
Realish Debut: 2014

Scuderia Uccello

Founder: Emma Bracegirdle
Nationality: British
Realish Debut: 2015

Inactive Teams

The N Teams

Founder: James Price-Harper
Nationality: British
Realish Debut: 2014

Originally The Offenders, this once dominant team has unfortunately become dormant for a couple of years.

Sgioba Alba

Founder: Neil Heatlie
Nationality: Scottish
Realish Debut: 2015

Neil Heatlie’s team was felled by dodgy internet, but is a return on the cards?

Smile Power Racing

Founder: Mike Bell
Nationality: British
Realish Debut: 2016

Another team with an extensive wider simracing history, Smile Power saw several successful seasons.

The Indypendables

Founder: Tom Bellingham
Nationality: British
Realish Debut: 2012

One of the first “big” teams and a constant presence for much of the club’s console period.

Goteki House

Founder: PJ Tierney
Nationality: Irish
Realish Debut: 2012

Often controversial for their tactics, Goteki House were nevertheless a powerhouse towards the end of the console period.

PSP Motorsports

Founder: Matt Davies
Nationality: Spanish
Realish Debut: 2012

The pantsless racers (it’s a long story) were constant midfield challengers in the console days.

Junior Motorsport

Founder: Tom White
Nationality: Welsh
Realish Debut: 2014

Slightly inactive recent times, but making a return – one of the oldest teams around.