Teams and their identities, history and rivalries are a big part of the fun at Realish Racing, so let’s have a look at our grid.

Current outfits


After some activity in Realish Racing’s past, this team is currently run by the administration.

Aureus Motorsport

Run by Björn Golda, the German outfit was founded in 2015.

Bad Pun Racing

Splitting from Tropico Motorsports, Mark Singleton decided to start his own team.

ByCraig Racing

Originally founded as Eiffel Power Motorsports, ByCraig is one of the oldest teams in Realish.

Cosmo Seiki Japan

The Team from the North – run by Joshua Anderson since 2017 (at Realish).

Fury Racing

If you’re looking to channel your inner animal, Fury Racing is the place to be.

Howler Racing

Did we mention we got members from across the pond? Canadian Rob Covey’s team over here.

Junior Motorsport

Slightly inactive recent times, but making a return – one of the oldest teams around.

Kaibutsu Racing

Run by Campbell Wallis, another one of the longest-standing teams, though far more active.


One of the original members, manager Pete Walker’s taking care of Nethersport…


…unless he’s racing with fellow founder Alex Odell over at POWA, that is.

Scuderia Uccello

With a period of inactivity following their Australicars endeavour, SU is now another admin team.

Smile Power Racing

Run by team owner Mike Bell elsewhere since forever, SPR has featured in various Realish events.

Team Penguin

Managed out of Antarctica (probably), Team Penguin ain’t afraid of no wolves.

Unified Petroleum A..

Managed by Kyran Parkin, UPA is one of the most successful teams in recent Realish history.

Inactive Teams

The N Teams

Dominant in previous years, the conglomerate of Offenders & Defenders has lain asleep for a while now.

Sgioba Alba

Unstable internet in recent months prevented team owner Neil Heatlie from racing – due to change?

Tropico Motorsports

With Mark Singleton cutting ties with James Lambert’s outfit, it’s gone quiet around the paradise of Tropico.