With a history spanning back all the way to June 2011, there are quite a few memories around these parts – from GTs to Touring cars and oval racing, we’ve had quite the variety going on in our past seasons. For more details on all things pre-2019ish, make sure to check out the wiki!

From the Green Lights, to the Blue Flag, we race for fun, because we’re not very good

The early days (2011-2014)

Humble beginnings! Originally setting up races over at F1 Fanatic, the original forum thread used to organise the series was starting to swell to well over 20 pages. With a view to arranging the competition in a more organised fashion, founder Alex Odell set up a set of temporary pages on his personal website until something more concrete could be established.

Something more concrete turned out to be the first set of seasons, with themes spanning from touring cars to F1 endeavours as well as sportscar racing in between.

What was established early on was the club’s name: Really Rubbish Racing, and motto: “From the Green Lights, to the Blue Flag, we race for fun, because we’re not very good“. Recognising our varied skill levels, fun and fair nature of racing, with a dash of self-deprecation. We pride ourselves as a club welcoming sim racers of any speed or skill level. All we ask is you race fair, and you race fun!

Taking out the Rubbish (2014-2016)

Because the Racing is Real… ish

Slowly transitioning over to the PC side of gaming, the increased freedom also meant that videos could be recorded, commented upon and published on – believe it or not – actual television! Both the Australicars season mimicking V8 Supercars and the British Sports Prototype Cup running Radicals were aired over on Motors TV, certainly a sign that it was time to take out the rubbish: The club rebranded as Realish Racing. “Because the racing is real… ish“.

The new crop of games (2017 and beyond)

Now fully operating on the PC side of racing games, we took the golden age of simracing at full force, with the newer titles such as Automobilista, rFactor 2 featuring mostly, these days – alongside the odd Wreckfest event or dips into other titles such as R3E or pC2.

Formula MEME

Ah, the days of long gone by.. as mentioned, back in the day, we used to make videos of our races, with a full-on presentation & commentary as well, even making it onto television. So let’s dive into the past for a bit, and quite literally so – welcome to our 80s F1 special event series, one of our most popular video playlists out there!