Getting Started

Do you want to join the fun at Realish Racing? Follow our seven-step programme below, which will take you from non-member to your first race

Step 1

Join our Discord server where all events are organised. If you are interested in racing, you will be provided with details on how to join our race server.

Step 2

Ensure you have everything you need to race. You will need:

  • A Windows PC or laptop able to run the game(s) at a stable framerate
    • A modern PC with a dedicated graphics card should be sufficient; system requirements are higher if you want to race in VR
  • The necessary game(s) for the series you want to compete in, including any mods and DLC (details will be posted on Discord)
  • An internet connection stable enough for online games
    • Connection stability is more important than speed – a wired ethernet connection is strongly advised rather than Wi-Fi, if possible
  • A force feedback racing wheel is recommended, however it is possible to race competitively using a standard Xbox or PlayStation controller
  • A headset and microphone for voice chat
  • Teamspeak 3 for in-race voice chat

If you need help or advice about any of these, feel free to ask on Discord.

Step 3

Read our Racing Rules and ask if anything isn’t clear.

Step 4

Read the season details on Discord. You will need to select an available number. Some races may require you to be part of a team and/or submit or have a custom livery. Details will be posted on Discord.

Step 5

Try to join the server before the start of offical practice – a server will be available for about a week in advance. This way you will have time to troubleshoot any problems and practice the car and track.

Step 6

Check details for the race on Discord so you know when the race starts, what the format is and any other details. When official practice starts, you must be on Teamspeak so that any important information can be communicated.

Step 7

Have fun on track!