The Realish Racing Triple Crown

While Realish Racing has run many special events over the years, there are three permanent fixtures in the calendar. In recent years, these have been combined to form the Realish Racing Triple Crown. The events are all very different so winning all three is a difficult task, and indeed no driver has managed to do so, though double-crown winner April Carlsvard will be attempting to do so this week at Cruddy IX, adding to her previous Bon Anniversaire and Crashmas wins.


Cruddy is the annual Realish Racing oval race, run each May. While the usual format is to run IndyCar-style cars of some kind at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the exact format has varied wildly over the years. Cruddy 2 in 2013, for example, featured the Ferrari 333 SP racing at the fearsome Sunset Peninsula oval, while the 8th Cruddy in 2019 featured 1960s single seaters. For 2020, Cruddy takes another departure to run NASCAR at the famous Bristol International Speedway.

Bon Anniversaire

Bon Anniversaire was originally a Le Mans-style race to celebrate the first anniversary of Realish Racing run in June, featuring both LMP and GT cars. On the whole, the format for Bon Anniversaire has varied less than for Cruddy, though the car classes have usually changed from year to year. More recently, Bon Anni has been raced at both the Nurburgring Nordschleife and Daytona Road Course.


Crashmas is our annual end-of-year demolition derby event. Originally held on Race Driver: GRID, in recent years it has been held on Wreckfest with a variety of obscure points systems to add to the randomness. The chaotic nature of Crashmas makes it arguably the hardest to win, though notably three of the four double winners did manage to beat the destruction and win the event.

Past Winners

  Cruddy Bon Anniversaire Crashmas
2011 Jamie Hunt
2012 Jay Cooper Jamie Hunt Alex Odell
2013 Adam Smith Adam Smith Campbell Wallis
2014 Tom Bellingham James B Sam Hirani
2015 James Price-Harper Tom White April Carlsvard
2016 Sam Hirani Kyran Parkin Alex Odell
2017 Lee Harrison Mike Bell Bjorn Golda
2018 Mark Singleton April Carlsvard Bjorn Golda
2019 Mark Singleton Kyran Parkin Lazaros Filippakos
2020 Mike Bell
List of Double Crown winners

Jamie Hunt, Adam Smith, Sam Hirani, April Carlsvard, Mike Bell

List of Single Crown winners

Jay Cooper, Alex Odell, Campbell Wallis, Tom Bellingham, James B, James Price-Harper, Tom White, Kyran Parkin, Lee Harrison, Bjorn Golda, Mark Singleton, Lazaros Filippakos

Active drivers in bold