Realish Rally Championship 3

Welcome to Realish Rally Championship 3. Once again, we return to the excellent Dirt Rally 2.0, this time featuring all of the rallies we didn’t do last season, including one brand new event in Scotland, with an iconic selection of cars from the days when Colin McRae Rally was the rally game to play.


The cars will be instantly familiar to anyone who was even passingly familiar with rallying in the 2000s. In my (possibly nostalgia-fuelled) view, these are the last really iconic rally cars. The 4WD beasts not only generate plenty of power, they can also turn it on at a moment’s notice and build up a real head of speed on any surface. You’ll need to be awake to keep them on the road but, unlike some of the really fast cars in the game, you do at least stand a chance of keeping up.

Runners and Riders

Cosmo Rally
Citroen C4
#2 Joshua Anderson

Bad Pun Racing
#4 Mark Gormley
#36 Mark Singleton

Also-Ran Motorsports
Ford Fiesta 2001
#5 Mike Bell
#99 Arwyn Brock

BEEF Motorsport
Subaru Impreza S4
#12 Ryan Eastham

#14 Lazaros Filippakos
#35 Allie Ferrie

Random Racing
Peugeot 206
#31 Matthew Wheeler

Team ATOM (Independent)
Skoda Fabia
#40 Tom Alderton

Fury Racing
#45 Niall Larner
#314 April Carlsvard

Kaibutsu Racing
Subaru Impreza 2001
#56 Fraser Harley
#64 Campbell Wallis

Subaru Impreza 2001
#71 Pete Walker
#145 Neil Sheard

Tekno Competition
Subaru Impreza 2008
#74 Artur Borowski

Codemasters (Independent)
Citroen C4
#450 PJ Tierney


We start with a rally in the searing summer heat of Greece, then head north to the fast hinkelstein-lined roads of Germany and the equally fast tree-lined stages in Finland. After that, we have two rallies in Britain, first in Scotland then in Wales, where the weather could play a major factor. Finally, as winter descends on Europe, we finish with the two winter rallies of Sweden and Monaco.

05/08/20 – 14/08/20 – Greece
19/08/20 – 28/08/20 – Germany
02/09/20 – 11/09/20 – Finland
16/09/20 – 25/09/20 – Scotland
30/09/20 – 09/10/20 – Wales
14/10/20 – 23/10/20 – Sweden
28/10/20 – 06/11/20 – Monaco

Each rally will be six stages long with one mid-rally service area.


Rallies will run from 19:00 on Wednesday until 22:00 the following Friday (ie 9 days and 3 hours). You will only have one attempt at each rally, however, the stage list will be published in the Rally thread and you are free to practice in single player as much as you want.

You will need to join the Realish Racing Dirt Rally 2.0 Club if you haven’t already done so. For ease of organisation, each rally will be run as a standalone championship on Dirt Rally 2.0. Full and final results will be posted in the rally thread and on and these should be considered as definitive.

Points will be awarded to the top eight finishers on the same 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale used last season and in GEARS. You must complete at least four stages to be eligible for points. There will also be a teams championship. Rookies (drivers who have completed less than half of a regular season) may join the Realish Racing New Driver Programme if they wish.

Drivers must use the same car for all rallies. Team mates must also use the same car.

Thanks once again to Joshua Anderson for designing the logo.