Realish Rally Championship 2.0

After a break of over three years, the Realish Rally Championship returns with the Realish Rally Championship 2.0, featuring the excellent Dirt Rally 2.0.

Runners and Riders

ByCraig Racing
Vauxhall Adam
#1 Neil Heatlie

Ford Fiesta
#00 Sam Hill
#71 Pete Walker

Cosmo Rally
Ford Fiesta
#2 Joshua Anderson
#45 Niall Larner

Fury Racing
Vauxhall Adam
#5 Mike Bell
#314 April Carlsvard

Kaibutsu Racing
Vauxhall Adam
#12 Ryan Eastham
#64 Campbell Wallis

Ford Fiesta
#14 Lazaros Filippakos
#93 Kyran Parkin

Random Racing
Peugeot 208
#31 Matthew Wheeler
#166 Chris Williamson

Bad Pun Racing
Ford Fiesta
#36 Mark Singleton
#TBA Mark Gormley

Peugeot 208
#58 Scott Søvik

Ford Fiesta
#91 James Lambert

Realish Racing NDP
#123 Martin Fernandez

Ford Fiesta
#35 Allie Ferrie


15/01/20 – 24/01/20 – Australia
29/01/20 – 07/02/20 – New Zealand
12/02/20 – 21/02/20 – Argentina
26/02/20 – 06/03/20 – United States
11/03/20 – 20/03/20 – Spain
25/03/20 – 03/04/20 – Poland

Note that you will not require any DLC content for this season.


Rallies will run from 19:00 on Wednesday until 22:00 the following Friday (ie 9 days and 3 hours). You will only have one attempt at each rally, however, the stage list will be published in the Rally thread and you are free to practice in single player as much as you want. Rallies will all be 6 stages long (2 long, 4 short) and should take around 30-45 minutes to complete.

You will need to join the Realish Racing Dirt Rally 2.0 Club if you haven’t already done so. For ease of organisation, each rally will be run as a standalone championship on Dirt Rally 2.0. Full and final results will be posted in the rally thread and on and these should be considered as definitive.

Points will be awarded to the top eight finishers on the same 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale used in regular seasons. You must complete at least four stages to be eligible for points. There will also be a teams championship. Rookies (drivers who have completed less than half of a regular season) may join the Realish Racing New Driver Programme if they wish.

Drivers must use the same car for all rallies. If you do change car mid-season, you will forfeit all points earned until that point. Team mates must also use the same car.

Thanks to Joshua Anderson for creating the logo for this season.