Realish Racing Team on Tour

As well as racing in official Realish Racing seasons and events, many have dabbled or more than dabbled in racing elsewhere in the sim racing world, often flying the Realish flag in these competitions.

The Realish Racing Team is the banner under which the club races when competing in various racing series outside of the club itself. Drivers from various teams combine to help represent the club on a wider scale and compete against the best the world has to offer.

When still running events on the console side of things ourselves, we we’re keen to engage in the battles over at Virtual Motorsports and their ALMS series.

Increasing PC efforts at Realish meant that other series running rF2 and the likes became more interesting to Team Realish as well, with P1 Simracing’s Spa event and Simracing.Club’s Virtual Le Mans Series soon on our schedule.

SRC proved to be a constant within the next few endeavours, featuring several GT3 and GT4 entries during their multiple Bathurst events – and GT3s it was for our next project as well,…

…joining in on the fun at GPVWC’s World GT series. After entering two Corvettes with varying driver lineups, we also signed up for their International Touring Cup directly afterwards.