Past Seasons

With just over 40 seasons done and dusted, there’s plenty of history to uncover and dwell in – from console seasons to F1 games to the current PC racing sims, we’re looking back at over 8 years of Realish Racing competition, after all!

Recent Seasons

Realish Racing History 2016

In 2019, we’ve already finished a few thousand kilometres in our German touring car-inspired HETM championship as well as the Caterham Auto Trophy Series that only just wrapped up in August, along with half of this year’s GEARS campaign over already.


Kyran Parkin and the byCraig team reigned supreme in our Caterham series


HETM saw Kyran Parkin and his UPA team take the titles.

Previous Seasons

Realish Racing History 2014

For the racing action pre-2019 (and pre-PC, for that matter), it’s well worth checking out our wiki or the forums accompanying the series.