There’s plenty of action going on over here, so we should have you covered, be it with one of our main seasons, the endurance year-long endeavour or some casual club racing. And if that ain’t enough, there are special events throughout the year to mix it all up a bit.

Bar all that, we also like to wave our flag elsewhere, representing Team Realish in other communities’ events!

Official Seasons & Special Events

Presently we have 4 series per year. The first three of these form our main seasons with races every fortnight, taking approximately 12-16 weeks (3-4 months) to complete, distributed throughout the year. The fourth series is a year-long endurance ordeal, with long races once every 6 weeks or so for a total of 8.

As well as these, we have several Special Events throughout the year. Some of these mimic real-life races such as the Indy 500 or the Le Mans 24 Hours, others may be suggested by established club members, and others allow us to blow off some steam in the most petrol-headed way possible: demolition derby!

Casual Club Racing

Apart from the official formats, we got casual club races going on during the week, featuring action for all members of the club, new and old. Designed so we can get more people on track (what with our recent membership numbers increase), these races will be a perfect place for new members to come and join in the fun.

Each evening is a one-off, standalone event race, with no points awarded (except internet ego points). Occasionally we may decide to string several weeks worth of races together to form a Club Racing Cup. Once again this will be unofficial and results and tables will be kept track of only in this forum and not on the website or wiki.

RlyR Club rules on racing etiquette and general behavior still apply though. Although these mid-week races are unofficial and solely for fun, please bring good racecraft and manners with you. Poor driving will be severely frowned upon. All racers will be required to join our teamspeak server whilst racing to aid driver-to-driver communication and because it’s good to put voices to names.