Upside-down and on fire

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You know you're rubbish when you end the race Upside-Down and on Fire, or UDaoF, as TommyB will attest to.

There are 4 stages to becoming Upside-Down and on Fire

Step 1



The first step to being UDaoF is to find yourself a suitable platform from which to launch. The most abundant ramp-type object on any race track are the curbs. Some tracks, such as Sebring and the Sunset Peninsular infield course, are notable for their high curbs. Perfect for getting your car tyres-up.

Once you've found your curb, you'll need to throw your car sideways at it, as shown in the image to the right.

Step 2



Once you've launched your car, you'll find that you're beginning to roll. Do not be alarmed, this is normal. However, to full make use of this roll, you'll need to steer with the roll, or else you'll just end up with some fairly average 2-wheel driving, and any old stuntman can do that.

Steering with the roll will cause the angle of the tyres to become parallel with the track surface, with the rest of the car itching to follow suit. Once you lose your wing mirror, you know you're on a roll (hur hur!).

Step 3



I hope you remembered to buckle all six points of your harness, because you're gonna need them now! They're the only thing seperating your fragile, squishy body from the probably smashing-into-shards-as-we-speak windscreen. You might want to consider letting go of that steering wheel too, else it might rip off your thumbs or several of your less-important digits.

If you've executed your roll correctly, you should only remain upside-down for a brief period before contining to roll back onto your wheels again via your remaining (for now) wing mirror.

If you've executed your roll even more correctly, you should be upside-down several more times before you come to a complete stop. Preferably upside down. And on fire.

Step 4

On Fire

On Fire

The final and most important step is to make sure your car catches fire. Sure, the crowd will be impressed if you end up upside down, and it'll get you access to some of the more average looking grid girls' latex bodysuits, but being on Fire is where it's really at!

If your car doesn't catch fire automatically, try to aim the carnage towards a nice solid object such as a concrete retaining wall, or a tree. As you can see from the image on the right, the car may not look to be on fire at first glance, but if you look carefully, you can see there is definately some smoke following the path of the car. And where there's smoke, there's fire. And where there's fire, there's the hottest grid girls! And they've taken their latex body suits off because of the heat. And they want you!

Video Highlights

Examples of cars becoming upside down and on fire can be found below.

  • The incident the photos above were taken from can be seen here.