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The Pleb Club
RlyR Pleb Club Logo
Making Nobody out of Nobody

The Realish Racing Pleb Club is an exclusive club open to anybody, so long as they're willing to pay money.

What is the Pleb Club For?

Well that's a really good question, and I'm glad you asked.

The Realish Racing Pleb Club is a means by which you can give Realish Racing money. Money to keep our PC racing servers going. We all enjoy the use of them after all!

Why should I join the Pleb Club?

RlyR Pleb Club.jpg

Another brilliant Question!

In return for giving Realish Racing some of your money, you'll feel both better about yourself, and better than those around you by becoming a member of an exclusive club. You'll also start to see large tents like the one pictured to the right at some Realish Racing events.

Also, you'll gain the right to become a team owner, and the ability to enter that team into official competitions!

How much does a Pleb Club membership cost?

This is clearly the most important question. There are three exclusive levels of membership, and they are outlined in the table below.

Exclusivity Level Membership Benefits Price
A Little Exclusive A warm, fuzzy glow £1 per month
Somewhat Exclusive A lighter wallet £2 per month
Very Exclusive Right to own and enter a team into official Realish Racing competition. £3 per month

I want in! Where do I Sign?

Congratulations on deciding to become a member of the most exclusive club in the virtual racing world! Click the button below and you'll be taken to the Pleb Club payment page.

RlyR Pleb Club payment button.png


Membership Level Member Name Team Owned
Very Exclusive
United Kingdom James Price-Harper United Kingdom The Offenders
United Kingdom Tom Bellingham Europe The Indypendables
Germany Björn Golda Germany aureus motorsport
Scotland Campbell Wallis Japan Kaibutsu Racing
Yorkshire Ben Haddleton Sealand Firecruiser Racing Team
United Kingdom Ollie Knight Bedfordshire Team OK
United Kingdom Kyran Parkin United Kingdom Unified Petroleum Autosports
Sweden April Carlsvard None
United Kingdom Craig Woollard France Eiffel Power Motorsports
Scotland Neil Heatlie Scotland Sgioba Alba
United Kingdom Mike Bell United Kingdom Smile Power Racing
United Kingdom Charlie Marriott Antarctica Team Penguin
United Kingdom William Walker
Canada Rob Covey Canada Howler Racing
United Kingdom James Lambert Tropico Tropico Motorsports
Guernsey Craig Patteson United Kingdom Priority 1 Motorsport
Tyne and Wear Joshua Anderson Japan Cosmo Seiki Japan
Northern Ireland Ash McConnell Northern Ireland Slow Toast Racing
Somewhat Exclusive United Kingdom Lee Harrison n/a
United Kingdom Sam Hirani
North Carolina Joe Nathan
A Little Exclusive United Kingdom Jay Cooper n/a
Australia Matthew Wheeler

Cast from the finest metals and cut from the shiniest stones, these exclusive Pleb Club medals are exclusive to all Pleb Club members.

Fool's Gold - this driver is a Really Rubbish Racing Pleb Club Very Exclusive member. *The Very Exclusive "Gold" medal is a disc of lead wrapped in the finest gold leaf with a centre section left bare for a beautiful 2-tone effect, inlaid with what could be mother or pearl but might not be, and what appears to be a sapphire and emerald.

Brushed Steel - this driver is a Really Rubbish Racing Pleb Club Somewhat Exclusive member. *The Somewhat Exclusive "Silver" medal is crafted from the highest quality brushed steel throughout, with common malachite and lapis lazuli set alongside some basic opal

Bronze Plated - this driver is a Really Rubbish Racing Pleb Club A Little Exclusive member. *The A Little Exclusive "Bronze" medal is actually bronze. Well, bronze plated. Ok, it's actually copper we nicked from the local plumbers and melted down. Not sure what's underneath. probably teeth or asbestos or something. The tin foil centre gives the appearance of silver, and coloured plastic is held on by the finest PVA that WHSmith has to offer.


The Pleb Club is a way in which you can donate money towards helping the club pay for gaming server costs. If you want something tangable for your money whilst contributing to the club, how about an official T-shirt or poster?