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Macau Guia Circuit
Macau circuit image.jpg
Location Macau, China Macau
Layouts 1
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Aerial View

Some crazy person thought one day that it would be an excellent idea to shoehorn a motor racing circuit into a city built entirely on a narrow cliff edge between the mountains of China's south-east coast and the South China Sea. Macau's Guia circuit is the realisation of that batchit crazy plan. For reference, Macau is like Hong Kong, only more Portuguese.

The circuit blasts at full speed along the wide harbourfront main road before taking an inexplicable turn down a one-way side street. What follows is a seemingly never-ending series of blind and narrow left-right corners that culminate in a hairpin so tight you couldn't even squeeze a single human hair into its radius. The circuit then drops off a cliff into the sea.


Guia Circuit

Guia Circuit
Macau Guia track map.png
Length 3.80 miles (6.12 km)
Turns Lots
Lap Record 2:17.526 - United Kingdom Lee Harrison, United Kingdom The Offenders, Germany Porsche 997 GT3 R
GEARS World Cup
Last Race GEARS World Cup

Reservoir -

Mandarin -

Lisboa - This 90 degree right hander takes the circuit from its fastest, widest point down to a single lane, and in doing so is the scene for every first lap crash this circuit has ever seen. For safety reasons, the organisers have taken up 70% of the space this corner occupies with a tyre wall. You have to think that far fewer accidents would happen here if 70% of the corner's area wasn't taken up with tyre wall.

St. Francisco Hill -

Maternity -

Soilitude Esses - Probably named because the racing line is strictly single-file.

Faraway Hill -

Moorish Hill - If you haven't blacked out by now, you should hopefully arrive at Moorish Hill, a sharp and sudden right hand turn. One at a time please.

Dona Maria II - Investigations into the whereabouts of Dona Maria I are ongoing. In the meantime, this corner is an ever-tightening left hander.

Melco Hairpin - The most stupid corner on any motor racing circuit in the entire world. So tight and so narrow that the corner sits in a constant yellow flag zone to stop anyone from even thinking of attempting an overtake. But I guess the track has to get back down this steep hill somehow. Swing right out wide to the left on the entry and give it some serious right hand down, and you might just make it round the bend.

Fishermen's -

R -

Pitlane -