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Joshua Anderson
Nationality Tyne and Wear Tyne and Wear-ish
Car number 2
Current Team(s) Japan Cosmo Seiki Japan
Austria ByCraig Racing
Past Team(s) France Eiffel Power Motorsports
Wales Chwaraeon Modur Iau
Race Starts 112
Championships Won 0
Special Events Won 0
Race Wins 1
Podiums 5
Pole Positions 2
Fastest Laps 0
Pleb Club Level Gold

Joshua Anderson is a Geordie, and also the owner of Cosmo Seiki Japan which he drives for a lot of the time. He's also driven for Eiffel Power Motorsports and Chwaraeon Modur Iau.

He mostly drives at a pace somewhere between "slow" and "slightly less slow". He's actually a Teams' Champion outside of Realish so yeah, blah blah blah something about reliability and consistency etc. Also when he's not racing for other teams he can be found with really colorful cars that have characters on them. Quite sure this doesn't help his pace mind.


Joshua's career spans back many moons (to the year 2013, to be exact) and places; such as GPVWC, World Series Racing, SimRacingPro, TouringProSeries and now Realish Racing. His early days in rFactor mostly consisted of not crashing out of races sometimes and not always being last. While that was the case for a while, Joshua has developed into a more consistent, steady driver with a good finish rate. Pace has progressed from "lackluster" to "meh" in his 4 years of racing.

Realish Racing



Joshua picked the number 2 as his Realish number, probably because it's the closest he'll ever get to running the number 1. Also because he's used it for as long as he can remember elsewhere so it made sense to continue. His Realish career began in the final round of the 2016 GEARS season driving for the NDP. He finished 13th, just 1 place outside the points.

Special Events

He was surprisingly quite darn good at Merry Crashmas 6: Rudolph's Raffle, coming second in one of the Banger Races, 6th and 4th in two of the Demolition Derbies and just losing out to Kimster in the School Bus Derby, finishing as runner-up while racking up 3 takedowns in the process.



He found himself in the NDP again in the first round of the 2017 GEARS season before he got sick of it and created Cosmo Seiki Japan using his Pleb Club membership, later encouranging Chris Williamson to join him.

He drove with Chwaraeon Modur Iau alongside Scotland Allie Ferrie in the Realish Racing Touring Car Championship 3 and did alright. Okay he was absolutely mauled by his team mate all season, finishing 25th in the standings to Ferrie's 4th. The team finished 5th in the standings, with 128 points. 2 of those were Joshua's. But hey, it's a contribution.

The Nihon Tour Classic season wouldn't go Joshua's way, despite a new teammate at Cosmo in Australia Matthew Wheeler. He'd finish 23rd having only done half the races and scored 13 points with a high finish of 9th.

Special Events

Joshua drove in the Realish Revival in an Alpine and did alright for one race, getting 2 points, and royally stuffed up the other 2 races to restore the balance of the universe.

He would also race in De Nederlandse Regen Meester Trofee and failed miserably, scoring 4 points in the first race and not finishing the second or third.

In Coppa di Corsa Formula Italiana, Joshua would have decent pace but crash out of the first race. He got 8th in race 2, which wasn't enough to stop him achieving a disastrous nul points for the event.

Cruddy Six went okay for Joshua, running well until about halfway through the race under a caution period where he downshifted instead of upshifted and blew the engine.

Berlingo Bingo will not be mentioned here. Everybody lost that night.

Bon Anniversaire! Six was a massive change of fortune for Joshua however. After being caught napping at the start, he kept calm in a high attrition race start and continued to remain consistent, ending up a miraculous third overall behind one-off teammate Greece Lazaros Fillipakos who finished second, banking a historic 2-3 for the team. If there was a Teams' Championship, they'd have won that too. Much alcohol was had post-race. (NB: this is a lie)

This miraculous increase in fortune continued into Abarth Racing: Scottish Edition where he finished 8th, 3rd and 6th, and teammate Wheeler finished 4th, 1st and 2nd to win the event outright, giving Cosmo their first special event win.

Merry Crashmas: The Seventh Sin would see a return to normal programming as Joshua was mediocre in the races and didn't pick driver choices well. He finished 11th overall.



The Formula R2000 Festival was an average Anderson season, but with consistent finishing in the points and only one DNF. He finished 11th overall.

RPi Challenge was an interesting season due to Joshua scoring 5 points in the first round and then deciding he wanted a bigger engine after round 3 to match the Freightliner-liveried Cosmo car. Also because the Powertec doesn't have any torque. He failed to regain any of the lost points in the first 3 races after switching.

Stock X Reloaded was very American, and also saw Joshua take home all the points, including some 4th places and a Nelson Piquet-eqsue savertake on Craighypheno at Palm Beach. He ended the season 9th, worst of the full-time runners but Lin1986 liked his livery so that's a win in its own right.

The Formula R10 Championship should've been good for Joshua, but it wasn't because of course it wasn't, these are fast downforce cars that hate kerbs. He earned 5 points from as many races and ragequat at the cars afterwards.

Special Events

The Reversed Experience of the Corsa Hell, despite not being reversed (for everyone except Kyran), was a usual Anderson outing, scoring 12 points, finishing 10/13 overall, having a brilliant 3-wide moment with Craig and Matt, and being only one of 2 unlucky sods to not get any bonus points.

Mathematically Perfect Racing showed just how bad Josh was/is at maths. Also decision making. Picking the Lancer R in some vain hope he'd do well on the bonus multiplier, he... didn't. He was last. Until a disqualification for another person happened. Then he was 'still' last, just less last - last of the qualifieds.

Joshua was supposed to start Bon Anniversaire! VII in a LNER-liveried Porsche, but didn't because Porsche can't make cars that don't oversteer all the time so he didn't.

Cruddy Seven went better, as Joshua took the start (and didn't DNF!) in a special Cosmo Oil-liveried Indycar, and finished... 7th! And he was 2 laps down! How apt.

MIRACLES HAPPENED at Ultimate Truck Showdown 2. 9th in Race 1 was standard fare for Joshua's Orange-liveried Iveco (or as he called it, his I-THICC-o, owing to its curvaceous bodywork). However, in race 2, Joshua took the lead! And he stayed there! And people got into battles behind him, slowing them down and causing them to make mistakes! And he actually won a thing!!! It's rumoured that he hasn't shut up about it since.

Things that are not Realish Racing

Joshua hasn't done an awful lot of note outside of Realish. That said, he did win the Teams' Championship in the 2016B season of the British Virtual Touring Car Championship, driving for MTR Motorsport. So there's that.

Racing Record


Season Series Team ABU
United Arab Emirates
United States of America
Pos Total
Stock Car Extreme logo.png
Stock Car Extreme logo.png GT Endurance Auto Racing Series RlyR Realish Racing NDP 13 28th 0


Season Series Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Position Points
Automobilista logo.png
Realish Racing Touring Car
Championship 3
Wales Chwaraeon Modur Iau Italy
United States of America
New Zealand
United Kingdom
25th 2
18 DNF 16 16 16 17 DNF DNF 18 12 DNF 12 DNF DNF
Automobilista logo.png
Grand Endurance Auto Racing Series RlyR Realish Racing NDP 1
Japan Cosmo Seiki Japan
United Kingdom
13th* 2*
15 11

* Season in progress.
1 Joshua drove for the NDP in the previous GEARS season but GEARS-4 is his first full season; thereby allowing him to drive for the NDP again. Haaaaah.

Special Events

Game Event Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pos Points
Next car game wreckfest logo.png SE53 Merry Crashmas 6: Rudolph's Raffle Antarctica Team Santa 6 2 DNF 8 6 DNF 7th 1897
Automobilista logo.png SE 54 Realish Revival 11 DNF DNF 9th 15


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