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England I am Jamm
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Xbox Live I am Jamm F1
Nationality England English
Car number 87
Team(s) Tropico Tropico Motorsports
Races Entered 16
Championships Won 0

(Best: MEMES Rookie Runner-up - 15th Overall)

Special Events Won 0
Race Wins 0

(Best Finish - 7th)

Podiums 0
Pole Positions 0
Fastest Laps 0

I am Jamm (usually referred to as Jamm) is a British virtual racing driver who currently drives for Tropico Motorsports in Forza Motorsport 4.

Early Life

Born in 1985 in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, Jamm was fascinated with planes, trains, boats and cars from an early age. Moving to East Yorkshire in 1987 and receiving a pedal go-kart for his 5th birthday propelled Jamm into a career of racing up and down his street against imaginary opponents with a 100% win record. This career also extended to bicycle racing, with Jamm proving he was a winner on two wheels as well as four. An unexpected house move aged 11 brought an end to Jamm's career and he would never race his go-kart or bicycle again.

Motorsport Interest

Jamm grew up watching Formula 1 with his dad until falling out of love with the sport in 2002. His interest was reignited in 2007 with the arrival of Lewis Hamilton and he has since become a huge fan of both the driver and the sport. Other motorsport interests include BTCC and World Series by Renault. Despite having the Sky F1 channel Jamm is yet to see a GP2 event so cannot confirm or deny his interest in the category at this point in time.

Racing Career

In Real Life

Jamm has participated in no fewer than 2 go-kart events in his lifetime. Once was a team endurance event for his 18th birthday where he and his co-drivers brought the team home in 2nd place for a spot on the podium. The second was for his "stag" party. This was an individual event consisting of 3 heats pre-ceeding a 3 tiered final. Jamm qualified for the 2nd tier race and took a lights to flag victory from pole position.

Video Games

Jamm has played a variety of racing games in his lifetime. Beginning with the Sega Mega Drive and Micro Machines: 96 and then extending to all the Gran Turismo games, Colin McRae Rally, F1 2010, TOCA, TOCA: Race Driver, Race Driver: GRID, Forza 2, PGR 3, Forza 3 and Star Wars: Podracer. Notably failing to excel at any of them.

Forza 4

In a terrible case of mistake identity, Jamm was kidnapped by agents working for the nation of Tropico and smuggled to the caribbean nation instead of the intended target, Jenson Button. Upon arrival he was forced into signing for the start-up team, Tropico Motorsports, accepting a deal including payment in spiced caribbean rum. Jamm will be participating in Season 5 of Really Rubbish Racing, MEMES.

Season History

Season 5: Mid-Engined, Mid-Eighties Series

Main article: MEMES

Jamm will be driving a C 425 tuned Lancia Stratos in Season 5 in the 3rd round of each event. He will be bringing title sponsorship from Reebok as well as additional sponsorship from Recaro and Red Bull. Jamm will be racing in Lobby 2 this season. All results in the following race reviews are based on Lobby 2 finishing positions unless stated otherwise.

Jamm was runner-up in the Rookies championship to the dominant PJ, despite missing two Events.

Jamm's Lancia Stratos in it's original livery (with wrong numbers)
The Stratos with the livery from Event 3 onwards

Event 1

Main article: MEMES Event 1

Jamm made a disappointing start to the season. Spinning at the first corner in round one after tapping Mr E's rear end (giggity), he worked his way up to 5th two laps later before passing TheScottWilkes for 4th on lap 9 and holiding position to the flag. Round 2 started well, Jamm started 3rd and took the lead on lap 4 before a crash into the 'Wall of Death' at the bottom of the hill dropped him to 4th on the road. Passed Don Mateo for 3rd briefly, before another adventure into the wall left him 4th, again. However, Jamm found his rhythm in round 3. Starting 5th, Jamm made his way up to 3rd at the first corner (despite being hit in the aftermath of a collision between Mr E and Covamalia). Lapping on the same pace as the leaders, Jamm was able to capitalise on a mistake by Slevmeister and pass him for 2nd early on, before building a gap and holding the place to the line. This gave Jamm a 7th place finish overall, scoring valuable points on his debut.

The Tropico Motorsports MR2 for Event 1
This crash dropped Jamm to 4th in Lobby 2, robbing him of a points finish
Jamm passes Slevmeister for 2nd in Lobby 2

Event 3

Main article: MEMES Event 3

Despite turning up, Jamm could not race in Event 2 due to funding problems. Apparently, El Presidenté lost the team's race budget betting on Llama racing, so Jamm was unable to connect. However, Jamm returned to action in event 3. Round 7 was not his greatest race. Despite strong pace in practice, Jamm struggled in the race, crashing into a wall early on and collecting Ratonedge in the aftermath and then crashing several more times affecting nobody but himself, eventually finishing 6th. Round 8 was at Silverstone, Jamm's home track and one of his favourites. Jamm started 2nd on the grid, and made use of the cheaty clutch to pass Buftonian for 1st immediately. Leading into the first corner, Jamm proceeded to lead the entire race and claimed his first Lobby 2 victory. Starting 5th in Round 9, Jamm quickly made up places and found himself 3rd and battling for the lead for much of the race. Unfortunately, after passing Don Mateo for 2nd place late in the race, Jamm attacked TheScottWilkes' read end (giggity), allowing Don to pass them both and dropping Jamm back to 3rd, where he stayed until the end.

The Esprit in which Jamm claimed Lobby 2 victory for Round 8
Jamm takes the lead at Silverstone in Round 8
Jamm battling with TheScottWilkes and Don Mateo at Camino
The moment that decided the outcome of the Lobby 2 race at Camino

Event 4

Main article: MEMES Event 4

Event 4 was Jamm's overall best event, but it did not start well. Another stock race, another disappointing result. Starting 7th in Round 10, Jamm worked his way up to 3rd at the first corner. A poor run through the first chicane dropped Jamm back to 4th, before a lunge in to the second chicane on TheScottWilkes dropped Jamm back to 7th. Jamm briefly passed NOc75 for 6th at the last corner before drifting on to the grass on the pit straight, immediately gifting the place back. Took 6th again at the first chicane on the next lap, before flying into the gravel at the second chicane and dropping to last place. Resetting himself, Jamm then produced a recovery drive to 5th (setting the Lobby's fastest lap along the way) and was closing on the battle for 3rd before running out of laps. A sign of what could have been. Jamm started in 9th for Round 11 at Maple Valley. Carefully negotiated his way around the first corner, passing 4 cars before being tapped by Scott into the blind left-hander. Jamm held the slide and passed Ratonedge for 4th on the run up the hill. Jamm began to close on the leading trio and passed NOc75 for 3rd on Lap 2. A mistake by Icthyes at the last corner allowed Jamm into 2nd before Covamalia decided to take turn one sideways, allowing Jamm to take the lead. Icthyes followed Jamm closely for the duration, but Jamm held on to take the Lobby victory. The random grid was much kinder to Jamm for Round 12, plonking him on pole position. A largely uneventful race for Jamm, he lead from lights to flag, with Icthyes again challenging him for the duration.

The Stratos in which Jamm claimed Lobby 2 victory for Rounds 11 & 12
Jamm vs. the ATTK Motorsport gents & PeachyF1 at Mugello, sideo-by-sideo
Jamm battles for the lead in Round 11, eventually taking the Lobby win
Jamm leads from Pole at Iberia, taking a lights-to-flag victory in Lobby 2

Event 6

Main article: MEMES Event 6

Jamm missed Event 5 due to personal circumstances. Event 6 was a relative low-point for Jamm, a lack of preparation meant he struggled in round 16. Starting on pole he quickly lost ground to Icthyes and NOc75, leaving him a distant 3rd. As they began scrapping, Jamm closed in and passed Niall for 2nd place but was unable to catch Icthyes and fell back into a battle with Niall, eventually losing out on the final lap to finish 3rd. Jamm managed to win Round 17, starting from 6th, but not without controversially cutting the first corner on the final lap to pass Nik for the victory. He had also taken Nik out at the first corner as both drivers mis-judged the speed of Mr E and Jamm clipped Nik's rear bumper, leaving them both at the back of the field. Round 18 saw Jamm reprimanded for taking out Covamalia at the second corner after a reckless braking/corner cutting move. Jamm had started 3rd but the powerful Renault 5 of Ben lept past him on the run to turn two and in a silly moment of madness, Jamm went to take the place back immediately, misjudging not only his own braking and line, but also that of Ben. Jamm would eventually finish the race 3rd, having passed Ratonedge around the outside on the entry to the banking, one of Jamm's few highlights of the evening.

The Tropico Motorsports Ferrari Dino for Event 6
Jamm puts a move on NOc75 for 2nd at Infineon
Jamm takes to the Shouty line to pass Icthyes at TG East
That moment between Jamm and Covamalia

Event 7

Main article: MEMES Event 7

After the problems of Event 6, Jamm wanted a much cleaner final event, which he duly delivered. However, Jamm was caught up in a big accident in Round 19 (not his fault, for once) involving Icthyes, TheScottWilkes, Ratonedge, NOc75 and Buftonian. Starting last, Jamm held back in the first chicane to avoid incident, however a disatrous chain of events was initiated into the second chicane. Nik and Tom traded paint, causing Scott to brake early to avoid them, causing Niall to hit Scott and Buffy to hit Niall, which sent Niall spinning into the middle of the track and Jamm straight into Niall's front bumper. Jamm produced a recovery drive to finish 4th having been left second to last after the crash. Round 20 produced another victory on a Top Gear circuit. Starting on Pole, Jamm quickly pulled away from the pack, followed closely by Niall. A race-long battle ensued with both drivers swapping positions multiple times, with Jamm eventually making the decisive pass at the final corner on the penultimate lap. Round 21 was much less lively, Jamm started 5th and passed Mr E on the run to turn one. Nik barged his way past by pushing Jamm wide at the exit of the chicane, dropping him back to 5th. Jamm then repassed Nik after Buffy punted him off into the first corner on the following lap. Jamm then spent several laps on his own before Nik passed him again. Nik then suffered some form of car possession as it spun him at the exit of the first corner, allowing Jamm past again. Another few boring laps of nothingness completed Jamm's race, as he came home 4th.

The Tropico Motorsports Lambourghini Miura for Event 7
Jamm watches the carnage unfold at Sedona Club
Jamm and NOc75 go sideo-by-sideo at the follow-through
Icthyes goes all 'Jason Plato' at Mugello

Unraced Liveries

The un-raced Tropico Motorsports Lancia 037 entry for Event 2
The un-raced Tropico Motorsports Renault 5 TURBO entry for Event 5

Season 6: Open Season Championship Auto Racing

Main article: OSCAR

Season 6 features a new concept, introduced by original member Bookoi - an open season of stock races, chosen by the racers themselves.

After the initial sign up phase in June 2012 was complete, the 24 Really Rubbish Racers with the highest number of race starts were given one race each, for which they could submit their choice of car and track to race on. These choices were made in secret, with the full line up being revealed in a video on July 5th. Jamm's choice was to race the John Cooper Works Minis around Positano reverse.

The Tropico Motorsports JCW Mini testing at Positano

Special Events

The Inaugural Cruddy 125

Main article: The Inaugural Cruddy 125

Jamm was a last minute entry into the Cruddy 125, only deciding to enter on race-day. Once again racing for Tropico Motorsports. However, a lack of preparation time meant that the team did not have a car or livery prepared, leading to them "borrowing" a stock Acura from the RRR clubhouse. A lack of pre-qualifying meant that Jamm would be entering in the "unofficial lobby 2" CruddyLights (spec cars, rather than the tuned versions used in the full Cruddy 125) race. Morning qualifying saw Jamm take second place behind the Acura of Covamalia, with Mr E and Buftonian completing the grid.

The race was initially very close, with lots of passing amongst all four competitors. Unfortunately, the first round of pit-stops spread the field out and slip-streaming was no longer an option. Jamm pitted on the last available lap, having pumped in a series of hotlaps to build a gap at the front and emerged in first place, holding this until the end of the race. Once the results were merged with lobby 1, Jamm was in 11th place, nearly 3 minutes behind the overall winner. This was 6 places higher than it should have been due to several disconnects/dimension flips from lobby 1.

Complete Results

Series & Championships

Season Series Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Pos Points
Tropico Tropico Motorsports 15 16 7 DNS 18 12 14 17 13 9 14 13 15 14 10 14
Tropico Tropico Motorsports 17 15 14

Results Key
Bold - Pole Position
Italics - Fastest lap
* Season in Progress

Special Events

Event Title Team Car Position Points
9 The Inaugural Cruddy 125 Tropico Tropico Motorsports Acura ARX-02a 11th


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