First Gear Power Laps

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First Gear Power Laps
Event Logo
Event Type Time Trial
Location Dunsfold Aerodrome,
Dunsfold, Surrey, UK
Course Airfield Test & Proving Ground
1.75 miles
Class/PI Various
Car Various
Race Distance 1.75 miles (1 lap)
Achievement Badge
Michael Who? - this driver has beaten Michael Schumacher's Power Lap time in the Ferrari FXX

The First Gear Power Laps are an ongoing series of timetrial events fought out on the Top Gear Test Track.

Lap times can be set at any time, but have to be set within the rules of each specific challenge.

Power Lap Challenge 1 - Michael Who?

On the 21st June 2009, the first episode of Season 13 of BBC's Top Gear featured "the Stig" performing a power lap of the Top Gear Test Track in a Ferrari FXX. As you may or may not know, there are only 30 of these cars in the world, all owned by loyal Ferrari customers. The 30th and final FXX to roll off the production line was presented as a gift to Michael Schumacher upon his (first) retirement from F1. His FXX was unique in that it was completely black (the others have a stripe), and has red trimmed wheels. Now, Ferrari don't just let anyone drive these cars. Only the customers who paid $1.8 million for the privilege, along with Ferrari staff, are allowed to... let alone a second-rate GT driver.

That had to mean only one thing. It was Michael Schumacher himself at the wheel of the car.

Question is, can you beat his time?


Example Photo 1
Example photo showing the black FXX on the Top Gear Test Track, along with the best lap time set on the the first lap, and the lap counter at 2
Example Photo 2
Example photo showing the leaderboard screen in the Quit Game menu, showing the PI of the car (Excuse the blurryness)

Schumacher's FXX, shod with slick tyres, completed a lap of the Top Gear test Track from a standing start on a dry day in a time of 1:10.700.

In the Club Garage is a replica of this car, painted all-black and complete with slick tyres, raising the PI from a baseline R3 800 to an R2 829. Select the car from the Club Garage and choose "Test Drive". Take it to the Top Gear Test Track full layout (sunny or overcast, doesn't matter), and do a single lap from a standing start.

Due to the nature of the game. Photographic Evidence will need to be provided for verification. Two photographs will be required. The first is an external shot of the all-black FXX on the Top Gear Test Track on your second lap of the test drive, with the "Best Time:" and "Lap 2" clearly visible in the corner. This proves that your lap time was set on the first lap, and therefore from a standing start. The second photograph will be the final screen once you have paused and chosen "Quit Game" and then choosen "Leaderboards" from the menu that follows. This proves that you were in an FXX of the same PI R2 829. Examples of both are shown on the right.

Email these two photos to along with your gamertag or upload them to a photo sharing site (not this wiki) and PM them to Ajokay, RumblyLizard, Smifaye, or Bookoi on the forums. They will then be verified and your time added to the leaderboard below.

Dirty times will be included, but will be placed below clean times. All drivers who can beat Michael Schumacher's time earn the right to display the Achievement Badge on their driver profile


Pos Driver Date Lap Time
1 England Liam Blair 25/02/2013 1:08.716
2 Republic of Ireland PJ Tierney 02/01/2013 1:09.705
3 United Kingdom James Price-Harper 03/05/2013 1:09.711
4 United Kingdom Adam Smith 04/11/2011 1:09.806
5 United Kingdom Tom Bellingham 01/01/2013 1:10.206
6 Kernow Dan Thorn 05/11/2011 1:10.427
7 Nottinghamshire Dave Morley 02/05/2013 1:10.628
8 Germany Michael Schumacher 21/06/2009 1:10.700
9 Yorkshire Ben Haddleton 24/08/2012 1:12.841
10 Greece Niko Gouloumis 01/01/2013 1:13.000
11 England Alex Odell 27/10/2011 1:13.442