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Xbox Live
David Z Hudson
Nationality England English
Car number 49
Team(s) England BLAIR|one
Race Starts 2
Championships Won 0
Special Events Won 0
Race Wins 0
Podiums 0
Pole Positions 0
Fastest Laps 0


Driver Info

The Real DangerDave

My real name is David Hudson and I'm from Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire England. I was born is Guisborough when it was part of the North Riding of Yorkshire. Not wanting to go down t' pit, I migrated south.

I live in Milton Keynes with my long suffering wife and our 4 cats.

I work part-time as a professional Java Designer/Developer.

When I am not being a programmer I live a life of slavery doing washing, ironing, shopping and other homely tasks that Mrs DangerDave insists upon.

Once these chores are completed to her satisfaction I bumble around race tracks trying to keep out of peoples way.


  • Sim Racing
  • CyclingI have an eclectic mix of normal and recumbent cycles
  • Fancy Mice Breeding
  • Didgeridu Playing
  • Jazz
  • Running
  • Making things up
    • Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story
    • Several facts within this text may not be the entire truth

Driving Ability

I am in the right place.

I know a lot of members of RlyR are here under false pretences - they re very fast. I am not at all quick.

I like to think of myself as a Gentleman Racer who will let those faster drivers go by with the minimum of fuss. Yes, I would like to win, but it is not likely.

Clubs/Driving Experience

Forza 4 - Race World Series (RWS)

At the end of 2011 I joined the RWS and enetered their 2.4 Hours of the Nordshleife. I was proud to say that I completed the race without terminal damage.

During this time I was recruited by Ricoyd Racing along with BalmierPie. We competed with Ricoyd within the Sirocco Cup.

We subsequently left and formed RJFF. RJFF has been running on and off and is currently entering the Mustang Madness Special Event.

RJFF was and always will be about Fun and has never reached the podium. We raced in and organised several series within RWS but left just as that organisation self destructed.

F1 2011 - Race World Series (RWS)

I raced in a season of F1 2011 with the RWS. Enjoyable but again no success with the podium.


During 2013 I spent the year racing on iRacing. My main area was the ovals racing the Tracks and Impala B. Oval racing is one of those sports that you need to try before being judgemental. To the outsider it looks like driving in circles with not a lot of skill required. Nothing could be further from the truth (apart from the driving in circles bit). My one and only podium (and win) came on 27th February 2013 at Kentucky Speedway(Oval) racing a Radical SR8. This was in the UK&I Rindycal Series - Round 5.

Games Owned

  • Xbox 360
    • Forza 3
    • Forza 4
    • F1 2011
    • F1 2012
    • RacePro
  • PS2
    • Gran Turismo
  • PC
    • iRacing
    • Race 07
    • Assetto Corsa
    • Euro Truck Simulator 2
    • F1 2012
    • Nascar 2014
    • Rafactor - I have not actually played this one

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