GEARS 2023 – GEARS Offsides

Welcome to our first season organised on Discord – this is GEARS Offsides, the 10th edition of the GEARS endurance series, running in Assetto Corsa Competizione

We will be utilising the British GT Pack in terms of tracks, and will be doing so alongside the vanilla game’s and previously-used DLC content: Monza, Hungary, Laguna Seca, Spa and Suzuka will thus be joining Snetterton, Oulton and Donnington

But what about the cars? What. about. the. cars?!

It’s simple, actually – all GT3 machinery from the base game and the free content drops will be available to you for GEARS 2023 …and that’s where it’ll stop being simple, for this year, when picking a car you’re also picking a side. Literally.

With the calendar below, it just so happens that we’re visiting four venues in countries with left-hand traffic, and another four circuits in RHT countries. Isn’t that curious? Now, a Bentley would feel at home in the streets of Japan, right? A left-hand drive Audi would navigate the twisty roads of Northern Italy easily, correct? So why not reward that, then? Based on the country your chosen machinery (claims/seems to) comes from, you will be scoring double points in all countries that feature the same traffic system. So before picking, better make sure the car and tracks (and calendar?) suit you – or just choose ideologically I guess, if there is a correct side of the road for you.

Calendar (later dates may change depending on GES dates etc)

05/03/23 – Donington
02/04/23 – Laguna Seca
30/04/23 – Suzuka
04/06/23 – Hungaroring
09/07/23 – Snetterton
13/08/23 – Spa
01/10/23 – Oulton Park
05/11/23 – Monza

Double points at rounds 1/3/5/7 for Aston Martin, Honda, Bentley, McLaren, Nissan, Lexus and the Jaaag
Double points at rounds 2/4/6/8 for Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes

Event format (UK time)

18:00 – Practice – 60 minutes
19:00 – Qualifying – 30 minutes
19:30 – Race – 120 minutes


If you would like to enter GEARS Offsides, you can find the details on our Discord server. If you’re new to Realish Racing, you can find all the details you need on the Getting Started page.

List of Entries