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[RF2] 08/05/2020 - RRTCR4 @ Silverstone National

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[RF2] 08/05/2020 - RRTCR4 @ Silverstone National

Postby shaxberd » 04 May 2020, 20:03

Our next pre-season test/club night is a throwback to the original RlyRTCC - with the circuit featuring a different layout however, we're going for the National variant!

Race Date: 08/05/2020
Race Length: 20 minutes
Classes: RRTCR4 - Tommy78's Store with RRTCR4 BoPv3 (coming soon)
Track: Silverstone National - Steam Workshop
Conditions:Live Weather - to prepare for the season, this will feature Havana weather as chosen by @KJP93!

Schedule (estimated times, all BST):
19:00 Practice
19:30 Qualifying
19:45 Warmup
19:50 Race
20:10 Race 2
20:30 Race 3

Simply sign up by replying to this topic - see you on the track! ...and if you have a car/track combo you've always wanted to race, let us know!
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Re: [RF2] 08/05/2020 - RRTCR4 @ Silverstone National

Postby ajokay » 04 May 2020, 22:14

Yay! Touring cars at Silverstone!
Have fun.

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