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Realish Rally Championship 2.0 - Driver Market

RRC2 - DR2 - Realish Rally Championship 2.0
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Realish Rally Championship 2.0 - Driver Market

Postby camp_bell » 06 Jan 2020, 20:01

Since not everyone will be doing the rally championship, feel free to use this thread to find teams and recruit team mates. It'll be updated periodically as seats are filled.

There's a maximum of two drivers per team and remember that team mates need to run the same car. There's also the Realish NDP which is open for rookies (ie drivers who have completed less than half a season of Realish competition).

Kaibutsu Racing
Campbell Wallis
Ryan Eastham

Fury Racing
April Carlsvard
Mike Bell

Random Racing
Matthew Wheeler
Chris Williamson

Cosmo Rally
Josh Anderson

Neil "Relish" Heatlie

Mark Singleton

Drivers available
Scott Sovik
James Lambert
Sam Hill
Mark Gormley
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Re: Realish Rally Championship 2.0 - Driver Market

Postby Bluespearman » 14 Jan 2020, 17:29

@camp_bell I'm with @sin_racing and BPR for this championship. Thanks!

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