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GT Planet Endurance Series 2016

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GT Planet Endurance Series 2016

Postby GremlinWon » 29 Aug 2015, 13:39

GTP have got an endurance series planned for next season. It's very well organised and looks very good. It will be alot to get your heads round at first with the driver swap thing however it is set in stone and is made pretty clear how it all works.

Me, being me has entered myself into this event with my own team after talks with @craighypheno as he has also shown some interest into this series. Now I did think about entering the team as Realish Racing however I would need approval of that and also being the type of event and it also being on console I felt that it wasn't worth asking as I felt I knew the answer. So I entered Team ATOM.

Calendar and Info can be found Here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/338058179/2015/2016%20PROVISIONAL.pdf

Now if members from here were to join me in this adventure, we would most likely be rated Bronze - Silver (unless we had @PJTierney )
So with that in mind I have applied for the following classes;

(I am waiting for confirmation on which class we have been accepted into if at all).

These all fill these requirements however in some cases it does allow us to have a high ranked driver such as PJ if he would like to (but I don't think he will or expect him to).
It's an idea that has been brewing up in my mind as I nearly got pulled into a team but quickly decided against signing up for that team because of a few disagreements which I wasn't prepared to argue over, I'd just prefer to beat them on track instead. :)

Anyone interested or have anything to add I would be grateful. I am entering this "blind" and do not know where we will be placed or even accepted any further than I have got already. Anyone interested?

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