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Season 15: Feedback, Thanks and Congratulations.

All discussion regarding Really Rubbish Racing's fifteenth console-based season, a championship racing all seven generations of Corvette.
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Season 15: Feedback, Thanks and Congratulations.

Postby DanThorn » 11 Dec 2014, 12:03

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who showed up this season and made an effort. It wasn't our smoothest or most populated season, but to those who turned up most weeks, you really saved it. Without you, we'd have been looking at our first 'failed' season.

As for the season itself, I can only apologise. After the chuckable and easy to drive CR-Z's I thought the appetite was there for something a bit more challenging - evidently I misread the situation. For those of you who are newer here or perhaps just don't know, we aim to run four console seasons a year. This year things were a little off schedule and in order for us to fit a fourth season in before Christmas, we had to get the ball rolling quickly and the quickest way to do that was for Alex, Pete and myself to come up with it between just the three of us. Please don't think every season is going to be decided this way, because it won't.

Specifically in season terms, some weeks were quite good - personally events 2, 3 and 5 were the highlights for me. The racing seemed closest in those and perhaps there are some positives in there which can be applied to future seasons.

I know there are a lot of aspects this season which were just plain wrong - race lengths, tracks, the points system, format...and probably a load of other things I've forgotten. I was fed up with it after a couple of events so god knows what you all felt like :lol:

Anyway - some positives. Congratulations to Nic for being the spiritual champion of the season - I take no pleasure in being crowned champion because one event aside, you thrashed me. I had a lot of fun racing against you though, even if it was often just a time trial against our split times, and there were a few close races which I just lost out on. I had more fun in the races where I failed to beat you than I did in the races you couldn't attend. I hope to see you at every round in season 16!

Congratulations to Mario for taking two wins and top rookie in his part season and to Craig for taking his first win and third in the championship.

It's been good to see new faces like Mario and Adrian this season too, I hope you both stick around, it's been fun! Hopefully we'll see some more new faces like you (and maybe some old ones coming back too!)

Finally, thanks again to everyone who stuck with it this season :)

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Re: Season 15: Feedback, Thanks and Congratulations.

Postby PJTierney » 11 Dec 2014, 13:05

First off, many thanks to Dan for running the series. It wasn't a standout season by any means but it did run pretty smoothly for the most part. I can only really think of the initial Willow Springs race as being a bit of a downpoint but maybe PSN was just being crappy that day; I've had many races since (both in and out of the club) that have run without a hitch.

It was a pleasure to have Craig as a teammate again. I saw some potential in him before we teamed up for Green Turismo and I was happy to see him improve his results as the season progressed, culminating in the win at Monza. As a team we did pretty well and finished as high in the standings as we reasonably could.

Congrats to Nic and Dan on being so much quicker than the rest of us, hopefully the gap will be closer next time round. Many thanks to those that showed up and kept the attendance numbers going too; I've realised over the past few weeks that GT6 still has a lot to offer, and with a few more additions to the club I think we can bring the game back up the heady days of Forza. I'd be happy with having 10+ drivers at each event next season and then going from there.

    I liked the concept of the season; it helped tie the races together and it was nice to race in slightly better cars as the weeks developed.

    The track selection was pretty good, happy to race at places like Spa and Monza which were previously "F1 exclusive" in terms of club racing.

    I wasn't very fond of most of the cars but given how tight the admin team was for time to organise the series I think they worked out reasonably well. Monza and Spa were my personal highlights, but Clubman Route 5 was okay too.

    I despised racing on Comfort Soft tyres in these cars, wasn't fun to drive at all.

    For next season I would like for us to have a multi-car season. So far the 2 GT6 seasons have been "one make" seasons, and if you didn't like a particular car you were not going to enjoy that week's races. The lack of variety also meant that positions were "locked" halfway through races and unless you were significantly faster/slower than another driver there wouldn't be a lot of place-swapping unless you found a "perfect match" of an opponent.

    I missed the strategy element that Green Turismo had; I feel that the addition of strategies to racing is a big plus that GT6 has over Forza, and is something we should try and incorporate into future seasons. Whether that means running 1 race instead of 2 per evening or running a very long race followed by a 10 minute sprint is up for debate, but now that we have a game that actually has tyre/fuel depletion I think we should make the most of it.

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Re: Season 15: Feedback, Thanks and Congratulations.

Postby ajokay » 11 Dec 2014, 13:05

I can't really offer any feedback, but there are plenty of congratulations in order.

Obviously well done to Dan for taking his second title on the trot, and to the Indypendables for grabbing their first title as simply 'the Indypendables' rather than Alfa or Beta.

Nic, well done for another string of victories, podiums, pole positions and fastest laps. Clearly missing those couple of weeks was vital.

Congrats to Craig on 3rd overall and grabbing a win, and to my eternal teammate Pete for collecting a very nice haul of 2nds and 3rds.

Mr Patch, Mario and Fivecorr, our rookies this season, thank you for showing interest and giving it you all, especially Mario with 2 wins!
Have fun.

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Re: Season 15: Feedback, Thanks and Congratulations.

Postby craighypheno » 11 Dec 2014, 13:55

Firstly, what a mega performance by both Dan and Nic. Dan has finished every Gran Turismo season race on the podium except for one. Nic has taken 13 wins in 22 races. Exceptional stuff from both.

I also have to thank Pete for the thoroughly enjoyable battles which we shared this season, on the track and in the points standings. Awesome stuff one again ;)

It wasn't the greatest season ever by any means but a huge thanks to Dan for setting everything up. We just had to choose as and when we wanted to turn up. Dan had no choice, whether a dozen people turned up or just four.

Once again a thanks to PJ for having me as a team mate. I felt that we were a good match this time around, and I fared much better compared to the previous season. He is by far the toughest team mate I have come up against in any series so to finish ahead of him on a number of occasions gives me some confidence heading into S16. I was also pretty happy with my qualifying too. It was important to get the race victory monkey off my back as well. Hopefully more will come in the future.

Some of the cars were fantastic to drive. I loved the C4, C5, C6 and the C7. I absolutely hated the other cars. Comfort tyres are zero fun as well. I also liked the strategy element which we saw in the second race at Monza (well of course I would, I did win it ;) ).

It only takes two cars to have a race, but the more the merrier. I fully understand that those in charge were strapped for time and this was a bit rushed. Hopefully collectively something awesome can be formed and 16-player lobbies can be reached next year :D

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Re: Season 15: Feedback, Thanks and Congratulations.

Postby Icthyes » 11 Dec 2014, 15:22

I'll just leave my congratulations here as I've gone into feedback in the other thread.

Congrats to Dan on another championship, Nic for the "spiritual" championship, well done Mario and Craig for your victories. Across fourteen rounds there were four winners and six podium finishers, which is great to see considering winners and podium finishers from last season were absent from most if not all of this one and the two most dominant drivers were still taking part.

Another Indypendables championship :D though using only the single best result from each race and dropping four points ATTK would have come slightly ahead, so they (he) can be proud of that too.

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Re: Season 15: Feedback, Thanks and Congratulations.

Postby Don Patch » 11 Dec 2014, 18:24

Well done, guys!

OK, I saw you around 10 seconds, during the whole championship, but even so, it was great to race against you. Even beeing hours slower than you, I think I´m learning a lot sharing grids with you.

As you know, I started only three events, but I´m feeling more comfortable every week, and I really hope we will have the chance to race again pretty soon.

I don´t have many suggestions, but I agree with PJ and Craig. Of course, if every driver uses the same car, the races are going to be fair, but when you see different cars on the grid, you see different strategies, different driving lines... Maybe we can regulate it with PP, weight or power limits. Wathever you decide, i´ll be more than happy to be "that annoying slow bastard" again. ;)

In the other hand, we have a huge amount of cars, so we can try many different type of races. A DTM season can be terrific... We can try classic cars, GT300... And one make, as we did this season, of course. But one more time, I agree with PJ about the lenght of the races. I love short races as well, but as we saw yesterday at Spa, strategy can add some spice. Well, if we have 800HP behind our asses, we will have to pit quite soon, but if we do the races a little bit longer, or we fit the tyre/fuel deception faster, we can see more fighting, no matter wich cars we use.

So, thanks everyone, you´ve been really nice, and let me say you are a great group to race with. I hope we will start soon with a few more racers.

Cheers, guys.

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Re: Season 15: Feedback, Thanks and Congratulations.

Postby Boovolari » 15 Dec 2014, 16:39

Better late than never....

I just wanted to extend a big, big thanks to Dan for the concept and running the season. All the wiki editing and a hosting is a lot of work over a season (even with small results tables) and it's hugely appreciated. Congratulations to Dan on another title, whether he sees it as valid or not! Attendance is a factor in all our championships - enjoy your success, foo' ;)

Just as big a thank you goes to everybody that showed up to any events - particularly those that stuck with it throughout and made sure we had some sort of legitimate championship. The smaller the grids get, the less appeal there is to show up and so on, so thanks guys for keeping this alive.

Welcome to the new guys - aside from one possible minor exception, everybody seemed to jump straight in with the spirit of the club. I hope to see everybody back in the new year!

Grats to Craig on his first win through a risky strategy - brilliantly earned and it really made life difficult for me in our second successive battle in the standings. On a similar note, well done Nic on his Spa win, pitting when nobody else did. Two wins achieved through strategic gambles and better yet, one by pitting less, one by pitting more... :)

Clearly there's not massive enthusiasm for series that feature a different car each event, so I don't think we'll be re-visiting that format.

Field size aside, the only thing that bugged me about this season was the mixture of inputs:
- These cars in the wet were tricky as hell and it was frustrating racing against some people using TC. I wish we'd banned it and I'd like to see it gone for season 16.
- Similarly, I think we should ban automatic transmission. It's simplifying the controls a bit too much for my money. Sorry, Dan! :P

Cheers guys

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Re: Season 15: Feedback, Thanks and Congratulations.

Postby DanThorn » 15 Dec 2014, 17:12

Ha, but auto is so much slower! Many, many times this season I was wishing for a higher gear but instead just sat spinning the wheels

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Re: Season 15: Feedback, Thanks and Congratulations.

Postby HCR Noodle » 16 Dec 2014, 17:55

ajokay wrote:Mr Patch, Mario and Fivecorr, our rookies this season, thank you for showing interest and giving it you all, especially Mario with 2 wins!

Thanks guys, was an amazing first season for me! The racing was really good and helped by the varied performance of the cars each race, hope to come back quicker for season 16 ;)

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