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Idiots Race07 Starter Guide

Discussion about anything related to the Sector 3 GTR/Race series of PC racing games.
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Idiots Race07 Starter Guide

Postby DangerDave49 » 01 Aug 2014, 12:43

I recently joined Really Rubbish Racing after spells of racing Forza and iRacing with other clubs.
After seeing all the fun these guys were having with Race 07 I decided to check it out for myself.

I found the selection and initial setup of the game quite confusing so thought I would write a few words to try to help other newbies to Race 07.

If you have accidentally strayed into this thread I would encourage you to try out the game.

Although it is quite old, the gameplay and multi-user environment is really good.

My view is that it is a cross between Forza and iRacing.

It is not a severe a sim as iRacing but has many improvements on the multi-user aspects of Forza.
You do not need a NASA super computer to run the game.

Where (and What) to Buy
I bought my copy off Steam.

If you have not already looked at steam, just use Google (other search engines are available) Steam or check out Steam Site

Once in Steam search for Race 07.

At the time of writing this there are a confusing number of options to buy the game.

The cheapest option is the Race 07 Demo . This is free.

Next comes the Race 07 option. This is currently £2.49 Yes, you heard correctly

There are also a number of other bundles but the guys here at RlyR advised me to purchase the Sim Bin Mega Bundle.
This seems to include all of the expansions and a couple of other games.
This option is currently £25.99.

You could probably go for the base option and then buy additional content as required but that may end up costing more in the long run.

When installing, select the option to Create Desktop Shortcuts

Ok, I have installed it, what now?
On installing the Mega Bundle you will have an additional 16 or 17 icons on your desktop!

I was like a Kid in a Candy Store.
Which button do I try first :-)

The business end (in the context of Race 07) is unsurprisingly the Race 07 icon.
This will include all of the expansions for the game.

You can try the GT and STCC stuff in your own time - for now just stick with Race 07

The first time you run the game you will be asked to specify a Screen Resolution and Mode.
Select the resolution that your screen is currently using and do not use Windowed Mode.

Enter your Driver Name.
This will default to your Steam name, I changed mine to my real name.

Select your Nationality.

All Done you are ready to play? Well, almost :-)

Configuring Your Input Device
Next we need to configure an input device.

Selection Options --> Control Settings

This screen will show what devices you currently have connected that you can drive with.
I have a Fanatec CSR that is not included in the list of default Devices.

If you have a wheel or controller that is specified in the profiles, select it.
If not, don't panic!

You can easily setup a profile for other devices.

Select the device, then select an Actions on the right. Accelerate for example.

Now select the key/button/axis for that action.

Repeat this for the following actions:-

Steer Left/Right
Shift Up/Down
Look Left/Right/Behind
Driving View - This is useful as it cycles through the various views from the car
Toggle Track Map - Really Useful if you don't know the track

In time you will need others but they are good for now.

There is an additional post that talks about setting wheels up, follow the link below
Wheel Setups

Start Your Engines!
Hit Go Back until you're back to the Main Menu

Select Additional Events --> Time Attack
This is where you will pick your first track.

Next Select your Car and Driver

Depending on how confident you are select the difficulty levels.

Leave the Ghost Car set to Own.
This will project a Ghost Car of your fastest lap onto the track so you will be able to see where you are faster or slower.

The RaceLine option lets you see what raceline you have used, it also shows where you applied the brakes.

Hit Start Session

In the next screen you can Tune the car, set various options - have a look around.

When you are ready to race hit Race

You can return to the Garage (Main Race Menu) at any time by hitting ESC and selecting Return To Garage

One of usefull buttons I found was the 5 key.
This is the default key for Show Track Map.

I found the Time Attack mode of play great for learning new tracks and improving my lap times.

Once you are used to driving you can move onto the Race Event or Championship modes where you race against the AI cars.

Ok, this is what we have signed up for.

How do we get started?

Before we start there are a couple of tasks that we need to address:

Driver Communication
The mechanism used to communicate with other drivers is TeamSpeak.
There is an article on TeamSpeak at this link.
TeamSpeak Article

Router Configuration
The MultiPlayer aspect of the game uses the network to communicate with all other drivers.
If your Router is not setup correctly it can cause you and/or other drivers to be not aloud into a race lobby.

The following post provided information on correctly setting up your router.
Network Article

Additional Content
As well as the Cars and Tracks that we have got from Steam there is a huge amount of User Generated content that inlude Cars, Tracks and other useful addons.

Try Google'ing Race 07 Mods.

RlyR will sometimes use these additional items in one-off or series events.
These mods will generally be made available via an FTP Server.

More information is available from Installing Mods

This facility lets you design and race in Cars, Race Suits and Helmets that you have designed.

Information on this is available at Skinning and Custom Textures

Let's get OnLine!
Ok, so you are ready to Rumble!

Select Multiplayer --> Internet Game

Scroll down the list and look for sessions that are prefixed RlyR.
Select the entry and click Join

You will need a password.

PM one of the Mods who will supply the password for the sessions.

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Re: Idiots Race07 Starter Guide

Postby blairy20 » 01 Aug 2014, 17:58


All I'd add to that would be to not create desktop shortcuts and to just run the game from within steam. Your desktop is tidier and you can organise your steam library into favourites etc, I have race 07 in that list so its right there for me.

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Re: Idiots Race07 Starter Guide

Postby Covamalia » 01 Aug 2014, 19:09

I have a Race07 icon in my taskbar. Don't need any of the rest really, as all the cars etc can be got at from the main Race07 exe anyway.

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