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NASCARRR Stock X: Welcome!

All discussion regarding the tenth season of Really Rubbish Racing, NASCARRR Stock X - a season of racing Ford & Chevrolet stock cars around speedways, ovals & road courses.
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NASCARRR Stock X: Welcome!

Postby ajokay » 07 Jun 2013, 20:40


Hey there auto racing fans! Welcome back to RRRTV's coverage of NASCARRR. I’m Chuck Godfear, your sportscaster, anchor, lead announcer, colour commentator, and distant cousin of Chad-Chumley Bumworth,

We hope you enjoyed our 4-episode special on the History of NASCARRR, and I’m here to guide you through the newest season of Really Rubbish Racing! I know you’re all eager to know what you’re in for, so I’ll get right to it!

You’ll be racing some of America’s finest… stock cars! That’s right folks, solid lumps of pure American pride on wheels. You've seen the past, now drive the present! The name? NASCARRR Stock X! That’s N-tirely Awful Stock Car Action with Really Rubbish Racing Stock X given its full title. And the X isn’t pronounced “ecks”, either, no sir! Apparently we hear it’s the Roman numeral for ten! Not sure how they came up with that… X is the fifteenth letter of the American alphabet, not a number! No wonder they got their butts whooped by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Anyways, down to business. NASCARRR Stock X. Pick a driving buddy or three, the chairman doesn’t care one way or the other, choose an automobile to race in, and let’s go racing! Simple as 2 plus 2. Which as our regular views will know… is four.

The two late models you have to choose from are the 2011 Ford Fusion (not to be confused with the 2010 Ford Fusion… you’ll surely come last if you drive that), and the 2011 Chevy Monte Carlo… which I hear is named after a casino in Las Vegas. Once you’ve got one, paint it up like you mean business, huge numbers on the side and roof, bright colours, and lots of exposure for your sponsors. Don’t go messing around under the hood though. They’re called STOCK cars for a reason. We run a tight formula here – NASCARRR likes to see any number of drivers in the lead pack be able to win, so no upgrades! As for tuning, well there's none permitted on the ovals and speedways, And leave the hard work to your crew chief and mechanics for the road courses where you are allowed to modify your setup!


The season will run for 7 consecutive weeks from the 3rd week of July to the 5th week of August. Apologies if any of you are off on a summer break, but we’re carrying on regardless. There will be 14 rounds at 7 events on a mixture of oval speedways and road courses. 5 events will feature both an oval and a road course. The other two events will be a speedway double-header and a road course double-header.

Points will be awarded down to 20th position for 4 different championships. A Grand Championship for the driver with the most points across all races, a Speedway and Road Course championship for drivers with the most points on ovals and the proper circuits respectively. There will also be a rookie cup. Each driver will drop 2 of their worst scores for the grand Championship. Their worst speedway score, and their worst road course score, to keep it fair across the 2 disciplines. Your single worst score will be dropped for the Speedway and Road championships.

Each event will see a 3 lap qualifying session on the oval, followed by an oval race and road race of roughly equal duration. The grid for the oval race will be set by the qualifying times. The grid for the road race will be set by reverse lobby points.

Each event will end with a short support race, with a starting grid set to random. The support race will use the same circuit as the road course race.


Because of the nature of the oval races, and the lessons learnt from the recent Cruddy special event (ie. In a race as fast and close as an oval race, you’re going to want to know you’ve won), lobbies will be split the old fashioned way – current championship position. The top half (in theory the fastest drivers) will be in lobby 1, the bottom half (the slower drivers) in lobby 2. That way you will always be racing drivers of a similar pace, and there will be - I’m very much hoping - less arguing afterwards about tripping over slower drivers or questionable driving during the reverse-grid races especially. The initial lobby allocations will be based on the fastest lap times from the History of NASCARRR Yo! Sushi race at Motegi Speedway. If you do better or worse throughout the season, you may move up or down. The lobby split will be down the middle, so mid-fielders may find themselves lobby hopping from week-to-week. Regardless of speed, if you cannot connect to a lobby, we’ll try and get you into the other lobby.

The two lobbies will still be merged at the end of the race to give us the final results.

You might say “Hey, that means the faster drivers are less likely to do well in the hunt for the Road Course championship because they’ll usually start at the back for road races!” And you might be right... It’ll be interesting, won’t it?


You can enter on your own, or in a team of 2 or more. It doesn’t matter how many drivers are in a team, for there is no team’s championship. It’s a simple matter of camaraderie, plus there can be no arguments about teams if there’s no teams championship to fight for. Members of the same team must drive the same model of car, but are free to run different liveries from one another. Feel free to mix up your liveries a little from week-to-week, but don’t go too mad.
Have fun.

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