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Koshiki Ajia Nihon - Role call/Post Event Discussion

All discussion regarding the second season of Formula 1 - a calendar comprised largely of Asian venues
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Re: Koshiki Ajia Nihon - Role call/Post Event Discussion

Postby FlavouryRug » 09 Apr 2012, 13:25

Tommo N7 wrote:
FlavouryRug wrote: Very happy with first win and the two fastest laps.

I thought TommyB has the fastest lap for the feature?

He did? Ah buggar.

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Re: Koshiki Ajia Nihon - Role call/Post Event Discussion

Postby JayCoops435 » 09 Apr 2012, 13:29


Had an ok start in the mid-field heading into the first corner. Felt a knock from behind which ran me slightly wide coming out of turn 2. Heading into the esses trying to get past Pete ended in tears as both left wheels touched the grass on the inside, as I went to put the power down I very nearly lost it switching ends. Luckily I managed to save it although now I was 14th. Decided on a 1 stop strategy having started on primes with decent pace. Stayed out til lap 14 when the primes were totally shot with both Flavoury and Shouty making up a good 6 second gap and then breezing past and pulling out an equal 5-6 second gap whilst on the knackered primes. I wanted to stay out them a bit longer but I was losing way too much time. Once on the options the car felt equally as good as it was on the primes, maybe a little bit faster. Not much action though, 6th.


Had a bit of a surprise at the start as Y2J was stationary in front of me at the start. Having avoided him (just), I slotted in behind PJ heading in to turn 1. Had a good run at him heading up to 130R but thought the better of making a move there. PJ went defensive heading into 130R forcing him wide setting me up nicely for my attack into the chicane. Made it past PJ heading down the start finish straight when the safety car came out. Saw PJ duck into the pits at that split second. Unfortunately I had literally just passed the pit entrance when the safety car was deployed otherwise I would have done the same thing. Came in the following lap to switch to primes as the car felt good on them and felt that the car looked after them enough in the feature to make them last 9-10 laps for the sprint. Came out around 11th then as the safety car came in, I turned the fuel mix up and went for it. Got past Nic, and PJ as the others pitted on my way into the lead. Was puling nicely ahead of PJ but then realised Shouty was catching thick and fast. Had an awesome last lap battle with Shouty, particularly through 130R and the chicane but just couldn't keep him behind for the victory as we crossed the line nose to tail. 2nd.

Not a bad nights racing considering Suzuka is my worst track on the game. Thanks to those who I've had some awesome battles with throughout the season (mainly Pete). Had some great consistency throughout the season, never failing to score points. Apart from missing nearly half of the season, I'm happy with the way the season has gone. Looking forward to F1-3 for some more awesome battles with Pete.
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