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RlyR IRL - Really Rubbish Bikeride

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RlyR IRL - Really Rubbish Bikeride

Postby shaxberd » 30 Aug 2022, 09:18

Ahoy, Realish Racing!

It's been a while since I've been to your lovely wonderful great water-surrounded island - neither brexit nor a pandemic made travel easier, but I reckon in about 4 weeks, it's time again. (and of course I'm mostly kidding, I quite like the UK as a travel destination)

This time will be slightly different than previous, mostly comfy journeys in cars, trains and campervans - instead I'll rely on two (nonmotorised) wheels, and apart from the physical challenge, cycling through your kingdom from Dumfries to Dover should make for ample opportunities to meet some of you again or for the first time, especially given I'll thankfully be hosted by some of you :)
Post here or PM me if you're up to for one of the planned meetups or just happen to be on one of the plotted routes so we can meet up for a coffee or something during a quick break or post-ride!

  • 26/09/2022 - Arrival at EDI; train to Dumfries
  • 27/09/2022 - Stage 1: Dumfries to Carnforth, train to Preston | meetup in Manchester
  • 28/09/2022 - Stage 2: Manchester to Stotfold, train transfer in between
  • 29/09/2022 - Rest day | meetup in London or MK
  • 30/09/2022 - Stage 3: Stotfold to Witney
  • 01/10/2022 - Stage 4: Witney to Andover
  • 02/10/2022 - Rest day & train to Dover | Formula Blue & meetup @ Forest Edge Karting
  • 03/10/2022 - Stage 5: Dunkirk to Roubaix, somewhat obviously preceded by a ferry crossing
  • 04/10/2022 - Stage 6: Aachen to Home, preceded by a bus ride
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Re: RlyR IRL - Really Rubbish Bikeride

Postby craighypheno » 30 Aug 2022, 10:16

Happy to travel to MK or central London on the 29th!
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Re: RlyR IRL - Really Rubbish Bikeride

Postby cosmo » 30 Aug 2022, 14:12

Being of a Northern disposition I can be in Dumfries before you set off or meet you at Carnforth, maybe even join you at the Manchester meet time permitting :D
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