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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby SHOUTY » 24 Nov 2017, 13:55

ajokay wrote:
SHOUTY wrote:This thread actually makes me sad now :cry:

Remedy that by plugging yourself into rFactor 2 and joining in again!

Well I've always planned to, hopefully soon. 8-)
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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby azzunix996 » 22 Jan 2018, 20:42

It's my turn now.. I wish you all the best my mates and rivals. I've spent here a really great time and raced best races in my carear.. *pyp* it's really sad..
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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby D0n M4730 » 09 May 2018, 18:15

Well guys, I hate to say it, but I believe the time has come for me to hang up my virtual helmet and say goodbye to the world of competitive online sim racing.

Now, those of you who have been here a while may remember that I have a bit of form for announcing my impending retirement and then turning up at the next race and carrying on regardless, but this time things are a bit different.

The thing that's really forced my hand this time is the switch to rF2, as I discovered some time ago that my laptop won't run it. Given that the PC that won't run the new game is the one I bought just over 2 years ago for the exact same reason (when we switched from Race 07 to GSCE), I'm not terribly keen on splashing out more money on yet another new PC. Especially not as I got engaged earlier this year and now have a wedding to plan.

The hardware issue is the thing that's really forced this, but to be honest it's been on the cards for a while. I've never been the quickest driver in the club, but I definitely found the transition from Xbox to PC difficult, and as time has gone on the average skill level in the club seems to have improved, whereas mine has stayed still, meaning that I've really struggled to be even remotely competitive in many of our recent seasons. Trundling around at the back, miles off the pace and just getting in the way, as I was in RPI Challenge, just isn't fun.

I do kind of miss the Xbox days when often it was possible to get away with minimal practice and still do OK. Now it seems like every event requires hours of practice, and I don't really have the time or the desire to do that. When I saw that BA7 is going to be on AMS I thought about doing it as one last event, but after a brief practice run I've decided not to.

I know the above sounds like a lot of moaning, but I will say that what's kept me going for so long is the club itself. Even though there's hardly anyone left from when I joined in 2011, it still feels like the same community I joined back then, and I've very much enjoyed being a part of it. I always liked the fact that it isn't super-serious, and that there's always banter, even during races. Everything's always been so well-organised too, which has only added to the fun, and again has kept me going at times. For these reasons, I won't be looking for another league to race in or anything like that, as I don't think anything else could compare.

I may come back to this at some point in the future, and if any more events come up that use AMS I may consider putting in an appearance, but I also kind of feel like I need a break. Given that I've been racing with the club for nearly 7 years though, and notched up what I reckon to be 343 race starts, I don't think I've done too badly. For now I'll just have to get my racing fix on the single player modes of Race 07 and AMS.

I'll still be lurking around on the forum, but for now I'll just say goodbye and thanks for the racing guys!

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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby MrRandom287 » 16 Jul 2018, 00:41

So yeah, I didn't think I'd be posting in this thread for quite some time. However I think I need to take a break from all these weekly races which we're doing. I've got my last semester of Uni (hopefully) coming up and I want to put as much focus into it as possible.

I still am planning on doing GEARS (as once a month is a bit easier to deal with) and the occasional Club Race/Special Event, as well as organising the Rally Championship if you guys still want that to go ahead. I'm just going to be taking a break from the Season races until hopefully the start of next year.
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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby MasterOntWolf » 12 Aug 2018, 17:48

Well like so many others I didn't think I would ever be posting in this thread but with current developments it seems I have no other choice.

With the recent arrival of my T300 wheel and Pedals my current rig is just a little to flimsy for the FFB and pressure required for braking so I will be embarking on building a full pro rig. This will be more of an intermittent sabbatical as I can still use my current setup but am really unable to have everything at its full potential.

One of the deciding factors is a huge change in work schedule having me now working 12 to 14hr shifts leaving me very little practice time.
It also did not help the fact that I woke this morning to hear the heads on my HD clicking which means it is going to die and it is only a matter of time before it does. I am going to do my best to make a few more of S25 races and of course continue competing in GEARS but think I will focus more on being 100% ready for S26 with nice clean install, Solid State Drive, and of course a full Pro rig which will include me moving to a triple screen setup and/or possibly VR. I will be around the forums keeping up with race results and club news but for actual events as I said it will be intermittent decisions I will make on race day based on if I have had practice time. I just don't feel it is fair to show up on race day with very little to no practice and probably ruin someone else's day.

For those that are interested I am building the DIY T300 Rig from Ricmotech and opting for 3 27" LED Monitors, of course photos will be posted when it is complete. So until then best of luck to everyone for the remainder of S25 and look forward to being back on track for S26
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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby Mosaegir » 17 Mar 2019, 12:46

As I think most people know by now, I am emigrating to Japan on the 25th of this month. That's barely a week! So a kind man, who got a too good to be true deal on my equipment has just picked it up, and I am officially on sabbatical.

It's been a pleasure, and hopefully I have space for a new rig out there, internet that works, the moral strength to get up at 3:30am*, and an easy enough job to have time to waste on discord. See you all on a future racetrack!

*I know some people have been talking about finding a non-VEC endurance league at some point. I'm obviously totally up for that, where it would maybe be handy to have people in non-EU timezones.

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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby camp_bell » 17 Mar 2019, 15:38

Always a shame to lose a longstanding, font-running, genuine joy to have around member, but it's a pretty epic reason to be leaving! Hopefully you'll managed to stick around in some capacity despite the timezone issues.
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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby KJP93 » 17 Mar 2019, 16:38

Mosaegir wrote:As I think most people know by now, I am emigrating to Japan on the 25th of this month. That's barely a week! So a kind man, who got a too good to be true deal on my equipment has just picked it up, and I am officially on sabbatical.

It's been a pleasure, and hopefully I have space for a new rig out there, internet that works, the moral strength to get up at 3:30am*, and an easy enough job to have time to waste on discord. See you all on a future racetrack!

*I know some people have been talking about finding a non-VEC endurance league at some point. I'm obviously totally up for that, where it would maybe be handy to have people in non-EU timezones.
There aren't many people I trust completely to go wheel-to-wheel with at any given time, you are one of them. If we do find a nice non-SRC endurance league then I'm totally hiring you, VLMS S1 in the Atlantic P2 was definitely one of my favourite times driving at SRC and we need to bring back the dream team again someday! Hopefully we'll see you back sooner rather than later. <3
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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby Mike Bell » 17 Mar 2019, 17:23

Mosaegir wrote:As I think most people know by now, I am emigrating to Japan on the 25th of this month.

Will miss you :(


Again some day? :)
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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby pyjames91 » 23 Mar 2019, 18:08

Ha, made you look.

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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby CuruxaUK » 07 May 2019, 16:39

Due to various life things, I'm having to disappear for awhile, because I'm struggling to fit Realish in around other things at the moment, among other reasons, and I can't be reliable or consistent. I've had an enormous amount of fun in the time I've been here and would like to thank you all very much for the laughs. I'm not sure when I'll be back so I won't make any promises now, but until then it's goodbye for now.
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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby artanonim » 17 Oct 2019, 17:02

You know something not entirely good is going on when the thought of upcoming simracing events fill you with a vague dread and a sense of obligation more than excitement.

Without dwelling on it too much, I need to find some more time for mental maintenance, and that's hard given amount of stuff going on in my life lately that I didn't quite expect when I committed to both full time CLASH and ITC. My mind can do with some time that doesn't involve stressing over stuff like having to practice, connection quality, sleep before Monday morning or juggling schedules to try and cram everything within limited spare time for entertainment and socialising.

So after spending some time wondering I decided to take a bit of a sabbatical to help me unload mentally and gain more space to settle in current situation and figure stuff out from there. This is by no means permanent and I definitely aim to get back to racing at some point in near-ish future, though! Expect me back eventually ;)

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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby Lemm314 » 19 Oct 2019, 19:48

Your well being absolutely has to come first. There's no obligation to race here, and you're always welcome whether you do one race or 50 in a year. Take it easy and stay in touch, hope you feel better soon @artanonim. :)
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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby craighypheno » 26 Nov 2019, 22:23

I never felt that I would have to write this. I always believed that I would be part of the furniture until the end of time. But, the time has come.

There's a lot of uncertainty in my life heading into 2020 and, while I've become much less active recently anyway, it has become clear to me that I simply cannot carry on racing. I just do not have the time, and there are things I am going to need to make sure I have stabilised moving forward.

Therefore, Crashmas is set to be my final race(s) for the foreseeable future (although my second SE is still hopefully going to happen in Q2 2020).

I will also be standing down from the stewarding team, anything else I do around here and will be considerably less active on Discord. ByCraig will still be a team, and if anyone wants to be the phoenix rising from the ashes then I will happily let them do that.

A lot of you have become very good friends (as expected over the past five years) and it's really sad to take another step back, but that's how it goes. This club has given a lot to me, I have given a lot to the club, and we have so many great memories.

I'll also miss the racing. Hopefully, in the future, I'll be able to have the time to be able to put the effort in again and be somewhere in the midfield.

I might make the odd 'fuck it let's get drunk and play Jackbox' appearance, but consider my glorious career with like five wins, a runner-up in the championship and one fastest lap at Silverstone somehow, to be over.

In the meantime, stop letting Campbell and Kaibutsu win things, please? Thanks.

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Re: Sabbaticals

Postby fjordnet » 05 Feb 2020, 19:23

Me writing this is coming a lot earlier than planned, but due to an absolutely abysmal piece of decision-making during one of the Dirt Rally 2.0 nights being partly responsible, I've decided to just take an early sabbatical from the club, despite how nice it'd be to race in Monaco before stopping.

I'm sure I've gone on about this enough times, but I am planning to go on exchange for a year in Japan, which means I can't and most likely won't have the possibility to do any sim racing. And with the incident with the wheel happening, as well as that horrific event I had in Formula Ree at Lester last Sunday, I just feel like the time has come to just pack it in, possibly permanently, but we'll see how that goes.

Having to prepare to move 7 time zones across isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination, but man did I underestimate the stress I would be under to prepare for everything + the work load I'm currently under. I feel a lot moodier and honestly, sim racing has gone from being fun to now being something I fully am unable to enjoy to the point where I actually get more sad while racing. I've had unbelievable dread going through me before doing an event, regardless of where it's been and I don't want my hobby to fill me with more bad thoughts than I already have.

However, without this club I wouldn't have had as much fun the past year as I have, and I feel really lucky to be have been a part of the racing here, let alone being able to win a championship, but Lester made me realise that I can't and don't want to race, especially when I have a combination of technical difficulties and difficulties with mindset. I'll miss the bunch of you in the club when I've moved and I've enjoyed racing with all of you here. Definitely going to miss Crashmas and all the other SEs as well.

Hurts that I felt the need to do this mid-season as well, knowing how much time you all, especially the admins, put into the club. I hope you have a good year of racing here in the meantime.
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