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Hey Realish, what's your plan for 2023?

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Hey Realish, what's your plan for 2023?

Postby shaxberd » 04 Dec 2022, 21:12

Hey Realish, how are you doing?

Next weekend we'll be finishing off our current series, and only a few days after that, Crashmas 12 will see us ending the official part of our racing year.
After a first feedback round in summer and subsequent changes, we are now pondering how to approach 2023. While we got a few ideas for GEARS and Special Events in particular, we'd like to keep you in the loop and part of the process.
So if you got a minute or two, we'd love you to fill in a quick Google forms questionnaire available over here now to share your thoughts and plans for 2023. It's completely anonymous unless you don't want it to be by using the free text option at the bottom - feel free to give us further input in this topic as well, if you want to do so :)

Thanks a lot!
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