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Roll for Initiative - The Realish Quarantine Quests

Non-racing video game related chat.
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Roll for Initiative - The Realish Quarantine Quests

Postby shaxberd » 22 Mar 2020, 20:17

So this idea has been floating about TS and Discord for a while now - how about a Realish Racing Pen & Paper RPG, considering these days of isolation and quarantine seem to call for it, albeit via an online version combo'd with Discord, obviously.

Pen and what, you ask? Well, well - in the dark ages before DirectX and the Unity Graphics Engine, there were RPG played offline, with a group of people meeting in person and playing out an adventure at a table, making notes and designing characters and quests on paper:
In a role-playing game, players assume the roles of so-called "characters" who venture forth together in search of adventure. They are guided by a Game Master (GM), a sort of moderator. The adventures are set in your classic fantasy world and the players personify the inhabitants of this world - they may be sword wielding fighters, elven archers or mysterious mages.
Because players act together as a group, there is no real winner - the goal is to experience the mysteries and challenges that were prepared in advance by the GM. The Game Master’s task is not only to develop the adventure plot ahead of the actual role-playing session. He also assumes the roles of the other inhabitants and beings of the fantasy world during the actual game - maybe that of the grim necromancer, a friendly merchant, servile stable boy or even that of a mighty dragon - and through vivid descriptions brings the world that surrounds the players’ characters to life. The actual game story develops through the dialog between Game Master and players and thus the adventure unfolds.

The actions and decisions within such an adventure are usually determined by rolling dice to perform so-called checks, i.e. trying to fool someone will likely require a successful check on a character's wit or intelligence stat. As with the detailed rules on this, it depends on the system used to play the adventure, and there are various systems out there, the most popular one being Dungeons and Dragons, although that one is incredibly expansive and for a first game, something a bit more simple would probably serve us better.

But before we delve into planning and further details, we should probably check interest, although it seemed like there'd be a lot - so much that we might have to get two games going, because more than 5 people are usually difficult to manage. So, who's in?
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Re: Roll for Initiative - The Realish Quarantine Quests

Postby Goobertson » 22 Mar 2020, 21:25

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Re: Roll for Initiative - The Realish Quarantine Quests

Postby KernowekPand » 22 Mar 2020, 21:57

I could be interested!
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Re: Roll for Initiative - The Realish Quarantine Quests

Postby Boovolari » 27 Mar 2020, 22:53

I've played/DM'd many a DnD session, some Starfinder too. Yes please.

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Re: Roll for Initiative - The Realish Quarantine Quests

Postby cosmo » 28 Mar 2020, 02:17

Always worth a go!
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